Definitely #firstworldproblems.

A vast array of tablets and smartphones. Credits: Small Biz Club.

The arrival of new smartphone models and the creation of new mobile phone gaming applications are things we cannot avoid. It happens everyday, no matter where we go, whether we like it or want to be involved or not. You can bluff yourself and say that you’re not interested. You can tell the world that you’re content with what you have right now.

But what if when you’re being exposed to it on a daily basis? What if your roommates are constantly talking about or comparing their high scores? What if your spouse is glued to his or her phone, desperately trying to win the level and gain new ground? What if your children have found something new that for once in your life, they are quieter than ever before and you didn’t even need to raise your voice and tell them to pipe down?

Whatever the reason, it must be worth risking a glance. It must be worth investing a few minutes checking out whatever it was that got them hooked. But it is a risk to yourself because… what if, suddenly, you got interested and now have decided to find out more?

True story, yes, because that’s what happened to me.

I stayed away for as long as I could from smartphone games and its various Google Play Store applications (my phone uses the Android OS). I was content reading every night before I went to bed. I was happy going through Tumblr for the latest book posts. I was interested in my Twitter feed, hungrily lapping up the information from the people or businesses I followed. I was liking images on Instagram.

And then my husband began playing Star Trek: Wrath of Gems.


Both Star Trek: Wrath of Gems by

The boops and beeps coming from his phone was unmistakable. Each time he attacked a villain and vice versa, his phone would make a noise. At first, I dismissed it. I knew he was playing a game but at that time, I was still engrossed in my book. As the days passed, I couldn’t ignore the fact that the noise was starting to get to me, and not in a bad way either. As if it was calling out my name, to come and try it out, and that I would like it too.

Guess what?

Yep, I’m now as frequent a player as my husband is, and possibly a better player than him too! I constantly log in to the game, and play countless rounds of the arena in hopes of improving my ranks and getting better rewards. I make sure to upgrade my starships and level up my characters to improve their winning abilities.

I don’t deny that I love the game. I’m actually quite pleased that my husband decided to share the game with me and taught me how to play it. The sad thing, though, is now I no longer read my book at night before bedtime. The worst thing, though, is that I am already a faithful Candy Crusher and Angry Birds gamer.

Now my biggest dilemma is I never know what to do first. Should I clear the candies, kill the pigs, or blast my way to the next level with my newly-improved, levelled-up starship?

This is what I call #firstworldproblems. Definitely.

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