EPL Review: Leicester City Makes History after 132-Year Wait

leicester city 2015-16 barclays champions
2015-16 BPL Champions – Leicester City. Credits: Paul Carroll.

A short blog post and update on the current English Premier League that is about to end very soon. Only one match left,and then it’ll be a long break before the entire transfer window saga starts again.

The curtains for the 2015-2016 English Premier League is slowly being drawn now, with most clubs playing their last matches of the season. There were tears of joy shed for the new trophy winners and title holders for this season’s championship, while tears of sadness were shed for the three clubs who had lasted so long in the top tier, but are now going to be relegated to the second tier.

New English Premier League Champions

I was genuinely surprised when Leicester City made it all the way at the top from the start of the season to the end without dropping many points. They may have lost a match or two and drawn a few, but they have also won enough to keep them in first place and in the running (back then) for the trophy and championship title.

Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy and Riyadh Mahrez were the brains and brawns behind the title push, as well as their somewhat laidback manager Claudio Ranieri and the rest of the club.

The second last match against Everton was the deciding factor when the Foxes scored three goals to lift the trophy. Also a blessing in disguise was Tottenham Hotspurs’ 2-2 draw with Chelsea, and then a 2-1 loss at the hands of Southampton opened up the pathway for them. It was if though they were served the championship title and trophy on a gold-plated tray.

Well, all I can say is that they deserved it. They had waited for 132 years to become the champions of England! On top of that, they will now have the chance to play in the Champions League as well. Not bad. Not bad at all.

It was definitely a magic-carpet ride for the Foxes.

As for Arsenal, I can only wait and see what happens when Manchester United plays West Ham midweek, and what happens when the Gunners go head-to-head with Aston Villa. Their last match of the season against an already-relegated club should be a walk in the park. Or at least, that’s what every fan would love to think. Arsenal could have secured  third place if they had only won their game with Manchester City. Typical Gunners wasted the opportunity and now will have to hope that luck would be on their side.

As for Liverpool and Chelsea, they are sadly too far away from the top four finish this season and will have to wait to battle it out again next season.

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