Food Review: Flingstones Cafe.


A three-day weekend is normally a time for me to go on a road trip or get busy with finding new cafes to visit. Or, it could just be a time for me to relax at home, gaming or reading. Sadly, I spent my long weekend hibernating because I had a mild fever. Mild yes, because my temperature was only a degree higher but not enough to book me a night in the ICU.

The long weekend came courtesy of Labour Day, which fell on Sunday, 1 May 2016, and the replacement day off is today, Monday, 2 May 2016. Because I had taken a medical leave on Friday, I had an even longer weekend to myself. Malaysia is famous for its many public holidays, and more often than not, they tend to fall on a Friday or a Monday and this gives its citizens an extra day over the weekend to relax.

Well, sick people have to eat too, and after being cooped up for two days at home, I felt it was time that I ventured outdoors for some fresh air. It didn’t have to be during the day as it was really hot then, but leaving the house at night even if it just for dinner was a big welcome.

Today, I bring you to Flingstones Cafe in SS15, Subang Jaya, located opposite Taylor’s College. How the cafe got its name, I didn’t ask. Parking is a hazard here because the lane is narrow with cars parked on both sides of the road, and it tends to jam up as well because there were other shops and restaurants along the same stretch.


Most cafes in Klang Valley have a dark and woody exterior, and this one was no exemption either. They had outdoor seating for those who want to light up while having their meals and sipping their coffees, and indoor seating for those who want to escape the blistering heat (and the mushroom clouds of cigarette smoke).

Upon entering, my ears were assaulted by the noise of chatter and children screaming. This was actually a turn-off, mind you. I’ve been to quieter cafes and they have been pleasant experiences for me. But we were there to eat and we weren’t going to leave until we had our fill. There was nowhere we could sit and escape the ruckus, so we chose the bar seats near the entrance/exit where we could watch the world go by while we had our dinner. Not the best place, but it was the only available space in the cafe at that hour.

The menu carried a vast array of food, from your salads and soups, to sandwiches, rice, and pasta. Not to be left out, the beverage section had several options for the cafe diners too, such as hot or cold caffeine and non-caffeinated drinks, and desserts. The lips icon at the end of each menu item indicated the specialty and popularity of the dish.


As usual, I went for the matcha latte. You could say that I’m on a personal mission. I intend to find the best cafe that serves a great cup of matcha latte. So far, Coffea Coffee is the only place that delivers a cozy cup of creamy matcha latte, not too thick and not too watered down.

Sadly, I did not find much joy in the matcha latte that Flingstones Cafe had. The matcha powdered foam on top had more ‘oomph’ than the entire beverage itself! The taste was too diluted, and by the time I drained my cup, I tasted more matcha powder than the flavoured latte. But it did make a wonderful photo (above).


We had a very spaghetti night yesterday. I ordered the ‘KAPOWW’ kung po chicken spaghetti (above) and my husband had the chu yao char angel hair pasta (below). Both were a fusion of Asian and Western, and had very unique tastes.

The ‘KAPOWW’ kung po chicken recipe is actually a spicy, stir-fry dish made with chicken, cashew nuts, spring onions, and chilli peppers. This is a classic Szechuan dish which originated in the Szechuan Province of southwestern China and also includes Sichuan peppercorns. Imagine pairing this with spaghetti for that Western feel. My first forkful made me go, “Good gravy!”

The chu yao char angel hair pasta is actually fried pork lard with angel hair pasta. Add cherry tomatoes, bacon, and herbs, and you get a very Western-Asian combination that is pure genius! Similar to an olive oil-based aglio olio, except that this had pork in it. The taste was sensational. I helped myself to a couple of forkfuls, but I had to stop myself from polishing his plate as well as my own!


Blogger’s Verdict

Just like the online recommendation, Flingstones Cafe stood up to its diners’ opinions and thumbs up for their pasta dishes. The lips icon was spot-on.

The food was good. Tasty and delicious. A delicate balance between Asian and Western without overloading your tastebuds and overriding your senses.

The service was prompt. Though, I can’t say whether they were friendly or not because it looked as though the smiles on the cafe staff’s faces were forced.

The atmosphere, however, left much to be desired. The cafe wasn’t a big place to begin with, and while it is a family-friendly place, it doesn’t excuse what happened on the night we went there. A family of six sat behind us, with a child who wouldn’t stop screaming.

I don’t hate children, but I hate that the parents were unable to control their child’s behaviour. I have to say that I’m very disappointed in the way some Malaysian parents bring up their children. I’m in no place nor position to dictate your style of upbringing, but this was a public place and it isn’t a playground. There are other diners in the cafe as well who would like to enjoy their food, scream-free.

Go there for the food, but don’t expect to eat in peace. Unless you have a pair of noise-cancellation headphones or just don’t go at peak hours.

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