Food Review: Strangers at 47.


It was a rainy day that drove us into the open arms of the Strangers at 47. A torrential downpour that left us stranded at a row of shophouses, restaurants, and cafes, with our car parked a little too far to reach if we walked in the rain. And so, we found ourselves at the entrance of a cozy little cafe called Strangers at 47.

Abstract and unique are what I’d describe the decoration outside and inside the cafe. Crates and boxes were turned into some chairs for diners sitting outside, while pink, and red-and-yellow tipped flowers in jars (shown above and below) and framed wired reindeer topped the tables on the inside (shown above).


We sat at the bar overlooking the entrance of the cafe with high stools and metal legs. The atmosphere was great, with music playing in the background below the chatter of the other diners. The menu was pretty simple, which was how I liked it to be. They served pretty much just crepes; savoury and sweet, with the last page belonging to a list of hot and cold beverages, caffeine or otherwise. I like straightforward menus. Show me what you have and I’ll know what I want.


For the savoury crepes, most of the choices came with eggs, cheese, and mushrooms. Kind of like breakfast but with a twist. Imagine pancakes and/or waffles with the works. Since we already had lunch, we went with the sweet choices. My husband had the Dark Chocolate (above) while I went for It’s Kelapa (below), a recommendation by a local food blogger (@zacharyyeoh) whom I follow on Instagram. Psst… They even have an Instagram page! Check them out!

The Dark Chocolate came with a folded crepe stuffed with rice chocolate sauce, and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with more chocolate sauce, and shredded white chocolate. The complement was honey on the plate and more white chocolate. It was truly a chocolate paradise. It was a bit too rich and thick for my tastebuds, having cut down on chocolate because (apparently) too much chocolate can give me a migraine!

It’s Kelapa came with the same arrangement, but with different flavoured stuffing and toppings. A scoop of vanilla ice cream sat nicely on top of my crepe, stuffed with thick pandan-infused coconut custard, and drizzled with honey, almond flakes, orange caramel, and shaved toasted coconut. Each bite was a burst of citrusy sensation that melded well with the muted flavour of the coconut flakes. It was a perfect balance of taste (citrus) and texture (coconut flakes). Read more about the place at EatDrinkKL.



Of course, nothing really completes the cafe experience unless you have a cup of coffee to go with your orders. I decided to try their matcha latte (above in yellow) while my husband complemented his crepes with a cup of cappuccino (below in blue). The matcha latte was, well, to put it simply, not to my liking. The foam had a very strong matcha taste, a bit too strong, which made drinking a little challenging. The latte itself was a bit watered down as well. I guess nothing beats the one at Coffea Coffee then. The cappuccino, thankfully, tasted like proper cappuccino.


Our overall experience here at Strangers at 47 was a “crepey” kind of feeling. The service was great, the staff were friendly and were always smiling despite the gloomy and rainy weather. They were helpful and patient when explaining the ins and outs of their system. The price was just right too. I don’t think we overspent at all. But the place is small, so if you were to come at peak hours, you might not be able to find a seat. The best part is that it is located not too far from where we stay, and we often come round to this area for food, so we can always drop by anytime.

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