Sushi, Sashimi, and Me.


Good news always calls for a celebration, and with it comes a reason to splurge and enjoy.

I gave my husband a wonderful dinner treat at Rakuzen last night, a somewhat expensive and high class Japanese restaurant in Oasis Square, Ara Damansara. Because he had finally secured a new and much better job (the office is at the same location as the Japanese restaurant, too!). It was a huge relief for the two of us as he had been trying, time and time again, to hunt down a new job after having spent seven (7) years at his current workplace and reaching a plateau.

Many Rakuzen branches can be found all over the Malaysian Peninsular, as well as in our neighbouring country, Singapore. One thing I liked about Rakuzen is that its raw fish types are generously thick in terms of portion, cold when it reaches your table, and fresh when you sink your teeth into the flesh. It never comes out of the kitchen smelling like they were just caught by the fishermen that day. It is clean, it is good, and it is really delicious!


We ordered a portion of five thick slices of tuna (maguro) which came with a side of wasabi and a small plate of Japanese soy sauce. The tuna was meant to go with my order of rice with salmon and salmon belly (first photo above). Our meals are always accompanied by two orders of green tea. Sometimes we like them hot, other times we have them cold. Even the green tea tastes good, probably because they only use a premium green tea leaves.

My order of rice with salmon and salmon belly (first photo of the post) was a snug little bowl of paradise. Three slices of fresh raw salmon and two slices of juicy salmon belly topped the rice along with a dollop of flying fish roe. The salmon was cold to the touch of my tongue and with each dip of the wasabi in soy sauce, I felt satisfaction and happiness course through my veins. Yes, I love sushi that much! The bowl looked small when it arrived but after polishing off every tasty bit of morsel, I felt it was actually just enough. Also, with the inclusion of the tuna, it helped to fill me up.


My husband ordered the teppanyaki beef set that came with a bowl of miso soup, some fruits, a bowl of garlic fried rice, and several beef cubes sitting on a bed of stir-fried cabbages, onions, and carrots. The beef was cooked and seared to the right amount of medium, succulent and juicy after it had absorbed all the salty gravy. The vegetables were crunchy and fresh. The garlic fried rice was delicious!

I am really amazed at how well the Japanese have drummed up the entire meal. Or maybe it is just because Rakuzen is well known for its fresh fish, succulent beef, tasty morsels, and delicious set meals. Service was prompt, despite the restaurant being rather packed to the brim. There was even a long queue of customers waiting to be seated, but because there were only two of us, there were tables that could readily seat two people. The bill came up to a neat RM110.00 inclusive of the 6% GST. It wasn’t too expensive, nor was it cheap but I believe it was a justifiable total. I would certainly go back for more but perhaps at another bigger Rakuzen branch. The only reason why we went to the one in Oasis Square was because the area was located just behind our area of residence. So driving there wasn’t such a big deal and we didn’t have to go far.

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