A Joyride in the City.


Just a short post today, detailing our joyride within Petaling Jaya last night after dinner. For my husband and I, it is a daily challenge to head back home after office hours because both main highways that we take to go home are always clogged with cars. It would take us hours before we would finally reach our condo. So we’d rather go somewhere for dinner first and have our meals while waiting for the heavy traffic to subside.

Last night, we had a simple yet delicious yong tau foo for dinner before heading off back home. The good thing about having dinner during off-peak hours is that the restaurants are not as crowded. Even then, getting from our offices to our dinner destination was a challenge, albeit a smaller one compared to if we really wanted to go home first. True enough, after our meal, traffic had subsided a little, and the journey home wasn’t such a big deal. No doubt there were a few stragglers on the road but it wasn’t as bad as when everyone was still stuck in the same queue as you.


When we finally got home, we took a nice cold shower (the weather is still pretty hot and dry here, not sure what caused the rain to stop falling), and played with our little tomcat. Ever since we bought the laser pen for him, he’s been racing around his room like an Energizer bunny on crack, trying his very best to catch the little red dot. He is always all wound up and funned out by the time we’re done. Which means that he will definitely be getting some good sleep and wake up with a better appetite too!


And then we decided to have a little drive out. My husband had to be at the 3M Malaysian office in Ara Damansara on Friday, so we drove out at 9:00pm to find the office. It was a much cooler time to be out and about, since there were no sun rays at night. We found the place despite having gotten lost even with Waze. I took it upon myself to do some late night landscape photography from the comfort of our car while waiting for my husband to come back.

Maybe I will do something more this weekend. I should go somewhere and really put the Samsung NX Mini to the test. Hopefully the results are positive.

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