Reasons Why We Own A Cat.


We never thought that we would actually adopt a cat one day. A friend had rescued him as a stray, had two existing ones of her own, and decided to find an owner for him. When we saw him as a kitten, we fell in love with him and decided to adopt him. I’ve never kept a cat before so adopting one now is probably the biggest challenge for me.

My husband and I do have a few friends who are already cat owners and they have always shared photos of their pets online, either on Instagram or Facebook. And while they have gushed and gawp at their cats, they have also advised us on what having a cat feels like. Most of our friends’ cats are indoor pets and would normally not be allowed to go out unless it is within the front or back garden boundaries. Seeing as we live in a condo, we doubt we would ever let him out except to roam and explore the living and dining rooms.

We’ve had him for a year already (he just turned one in April 2016). We gave him the name Loki, after Thor’s half brother, because he is mischievous and cheeky. Just like what Loki really is in the Avengers movie. But still, no matter what he really is, he’s still a lovely little ball of fur and we don’t regret the day we brought him home.

Although not many people are cat lovers (you guys probably love dogs if not cats), I feel that there are some perks to having a feline prancing about your home than having a slobbering pooch. Here are some reasons why:

Clean and Potty Trained

Unless your cat is a victim of a road accident, he would be able to clean itself and find a way to respond to nature calls on his own. Arrange to have a proper litter box and he will automatically do his own depositing. You won’t need to give him a bubble bath either. Cats normally lick themselves clean anyway, and are probably much cleaner than you or their surroundings. Have you tried giving your cat a bath? We have, and it isn’t a piece of cake, nor was it a cup of tea. He struggled, he meowed, he whined and howled. But he forgave us when we gave him a small complimentary can of wet cat food.


You don’t always need to entertain your cat. They are capable of entertaining themselves with toys, boxes, and/or drawers (Loki has recently learned to open the drawers of an old shoe cabinet  in his room). Anything that catches their attention and warrants a few minutes spent toying with it. Give your cat a window sill to perch on and he will spend hours watching the Great Outdoors while plotting to take over the world. That’s what Loki does. He will plonk himself down on the floor next to the sliding door for some sunbathing and watches the sky for any sudden movements. He could do that for hours.

Couch Potato Buddies

A cat can spend about 15 or so hours a day sleeping (although I have yet to catch Loki spending hours on end catnapping). But this means they will never make you feel guilty when you laze about on the couch eating a tub of ice cream and watching TV all day. In fact, a cat would love to just veg out with you. The cat’s laziness comes pre-packed with it. This is one thing that Loki has yet to do. He spends a great deal exploring our entire condo unit from top to bottom, but never on the couch. Probably because we don’t allow it to climb up in the first place. But he never sits on the carpet either. He prefers the floor because it’s cooler.

You Save Him, He Saves You

You rescued him by bringing him home. You single-handedly saved a life by not sending him to the animal shelter (which is probably overflowing with strays and some would have to be put down). Now it is his turn to save you. Having a pet has been attributed to significantly lowering blood pressure and lowering the risk of heart disease. Also, the act of stroking a cat alone even for a few minutes has been shown to release “feel-good” endorphins in the brain. But don’t just pet any stray cat you see. Stroke your own pets. Not all strays will take kindly to you trying to touch it.

Well, I’ve given you my reasons. To cap it off, I’ll readily admit that having a cat is fun because of its ability to be random and spontaneous. It doesn’t have a standard operating procedure on what it does on a daily basis. Like Patrick Star (of Spongebob Squarepants fame) said, “You can’t always expect my usual brand of stupidity. I like to mix it up. Keep you on your toes.” And that is what Loki does on a daily basis.

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