Tech Spec: Samsung NX Mini.



Today, I’d like to introduce the newest addition to my family — the Samsung NX Mini.

Giving Up

At some point in my life, I gave up photography after enduring a rough few years trying to break into the scene. I stupidly did a service for a potential client, only to have the client back out without giving me a deposit. And then I did someone a favour, but he copped out without so much of a thanks. I tried to reason with him but he wasn’t keen.

So I gave up. I refused to have anything to do with photography.

But the truth was, I could never give up something that I have loved all my life! I could never forsake the hobby that I enjoyed so much prior to receiving the harsh lessons of life. I could never turn away from the fact that I’ve spent a large amount of money on my first semi-professional Panasonic Lumix DSLR and then later on, the Canon 1000D. I sold everything and left the scene.

Making a Comeback

And then, one day, I decided to make a comeback.

This time, without a DSLR, but with more thought and care into how much I’d spend on a camera. I spent a lot of time doing research and window shopping on how much an advanced compact camera would set me back. I didn’t want just any compact camera since I’ve used a DSLR in the past. I planned on using the camera on a casual basis, not for a professional career. I wanted to challenge myself, but not to the point of going bankrupt.

I was interested in the Canon Powershot G15 but the model was an old one and Canon has long phased it out since the G7 and G9 models were released. Devastated, I made a few more rounds. And then I found the Samsung NX Mini, which I bought for RM899.

Why do I consider this a challenge? Because it only has two core modes: macro and wide angle. As it is a slimmer and smaller compact camera, I had to make do with some sacrifices. One, it has no dial like other compact cameras. The other modes can only be adjusted using the touchscreen. Two, because it is a relatively old model, there are no external exchangeable lens or flash components being manufactured for it anymore. But it does take some pretty good pictures:


This image was taken from the ninth floor of my condo. The green bunches of trees that look like broccoli from an aerial view. The tattered pink tennis courts from lack of care. The splotchy gray sewage ponds (which I didn’t see before buying this unit). It is a rather pretty view, despite the existence of the sewage ponds.

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