Food Review: Sudo Brew.

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It was another one of those days when a new cafe sprouts like a wild mushroom in the middle of Klang Valley, which is already over-populated with many new and existing hip and independent cafes. Well, this cafe had already been opened for awhile now until a friend told me about its existence.

Sudo Brew is its name, and operating 24 hours is its game. Located along the same row of shophouses and other restaurants in SS22, Petaling Jaya, behind the Kolej Damansara Utama (KDU), one might think that it’s just be another cafe, serving hot coffees, piping hot pastries, and signature hot dishes. But that’s what it is. A cafe. But this cafe is open all day long, all night long because it’s a 24-hour cafe!

However, if you’re planning on dropping by during peak hours when most main roads and highways are clogged with cars, you might want to use Waze. I don’t enjoy people telling me what to do or where to go but, in this case, you’d better allow the GPS-based app to give you instructions over a Bluetooth headset on which alternative route to take.

The cozy, red-and-orange brick-walled cafe has a couple of tables outside for smokers and anywhere beyond the glass doors and windows are for non-smokers or anyone who wants to enjoy the cold air-conditioning. The atmosphere inside the cafe was great, with the calm and soothing sounds of the 90s pop songs being played in the background.

Service was good from the time we entered until the time we left. The counter was manned by the cafe staff who were patient enough to answer every question we had, from what they served for dinner and how each set meal worked. For example, you could order an ala carte dish for RM23 but if you added a drink, you’d have to pay RM27, and if you added a drink and something else, you’d have to fork out even more. Not all their meals came in that order but it wholly depends on what you’d like to eat.


We took our seats and waited. The food took a little longer than usual to arrive though, I’m not sure why. Maybe they were short-handed that day. Or the chefs just wanted to make sure that everything was alright before sending the food out. I ordered the seafood aglio olio (above) and the four prawns sitting on top of my spaghetti were of epic proportions. I said this because I normally don’t see prawns this size in any other place I go to. They’re usually small and pitiful-looking. These were big enough, with their heads and tails intact. And the squid rings were soft and tender and chewy. The sauce was a little sweet and a lot more spicy than I expected it to be. The spaghetti, though, was a little too soft, as if the chef had forgotten about it. Otherwise, it was a decent meal.


Who said you can’t have breakfast for dinner? My husband, as usual, did just that. Well, I suppose it does say ‘All-Day Breakfast’ on the menu. His order came before mine and I daresay, it looked really good! Everything was delicious and yummy and full of flavour. But I thought the beef bacon and the sauteed mushrooms had a little too much flavour, in a sense that they were a little on the too-salty side. My husband liked his scrambled eggs to be on the runny side, but if I had it my way, I’d ask for it to be well done. Oh well, to each his own. Or her own.


I had an Uji Matcha Latte to go with my spaghetti, and while it certainly looked good on camera, unfortunately, this did not live up to my expectations. I had the impression that green tea or matcha lattes were thick and creamy, with a strong green tea taste lingering at the back of your tongue after you’ve taken a sip. This was a little too watered-down for my liking. But I drank the whole thing anyway. No point wasting money just because something went wrong.


My husband took the safest route by ordering a original flavoured Bavarian malt beer with 0% alcohol. I could taste the malty flavour when I took a sip straight from the bottle. But I preferred it with ice.

Dinner was great, nonetheless. In fact, it was so great that we went back there again, but for supper! This time, I had the strawberry flavoured Bavarian beer with ice and a coffee-flavoured cream puff to go with it. My husband had the sourdough beef bacon sandwich with cheese and the original flavoured beer.

Blogger’s Verdict

I think it was a great and cozy little cafe, with its own perks. What was great about it was the atmosphere. I liked that they were playing pop songs of the 90s. Britney Spears sang her heart out in Oops, I Did It Again, while O-Town were crooning to a romantic number in All or Nothing, and Michelle Branch rocked it with Carlos Santana’s crazy guitar skills in The Game of Love. What wasn’t so great were the food and my Matcha Latte. My overcooked spaghetti and the watered-down green tea beverage, and my husband’s overly-salty beef bacon and sauteed mushrooms were the disappointments. It was a good experience, but it could have been a greater experience. Try it yourself anyway, and savour the moments.

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