Food Review: Giggles & Geeks.

Interior of the Giggles & Geeks Bar & Grill.

I’m sure most people think of food reviews as almost positive, and hope that they can find out all the good things about a cafe, restaurant, pub or bar. What food and drinks they serve, how they feel about the environment, whether the interior or exterior design is attractive or not, to the kind of customer service they would receive.

However, I realised yesterday upon trying out a new bar-cum-restaurant that not all reviews are good news and that some reviews can be about bad news. In fact, I set off for the place with low expectations just in case they met them, or if they were to exceed them, all the better!

When my husband and I left the place, I was fine. Halfway through my journey home, I began to think that the place had neither met nor exceeded my expectations.

You see, that’s because I came home with massive food poisoning just after I had my dinner there!

The food presentation was bearable, and the initial impression almost had me there. So far, I have only read one measly review about the place and the blogger couldn’t even be bothered to talk about the food. All he described was the place, sans the photos of the food he ordered. So there was no way I could determine for myself if the food was worth exploring or not.

So, here’s what I thought about the place:

At First Sight

Parking was not an issue thankfully, as the place occupied the ground floor of Bio-X, a bio-medical building and there were obviously no employees left after office hours. The exterior looked quite bare with only a few tables outside that could seat a large group of people and for heavy smokers, they could take their rightful place outside. The interior, however, was a tad dark, possibly to enhance the drinking sessions that often took place after 6:00pm. There were a row of five darts machines on the left-hand side when you enter, and the bar-top dead ahead of you. The rest of the place were mostly seated areas for smoking and non-smoking sections.

The Feasting Begins

Not many service staff could be seen; probably about four of them were on duty that night. But they were attentive, thank God for that. We were given four menus, but with three out of four being the beverage menus, I was given the impression that they hadn’t given much thought about the food. The one menu that was all about the food contained your usual edible items from the Western fare to the Asian ones, including tapas, appetizers, and desserts. Pastas, pizzas, meat and salmon steaks, grilled lamb, salads and sandwiches… You name it, they’ve got it. But whether they were good was another story altogether.

Seafood aglio olio linguine with mussels, prawns, squid rings, and a side of garlic bread.

I ordered the seafood aglio olio linguine (above) and while we were somewhat impressed with the presentation of the meal, we were also a little skeptical as these places. Bars and pubs in the middle of the city or located too far away from the sea port don’t always stock the freshest seafood. Even if they did, somehow, they didn’t strike me as being able to defrost or cook them properly. My fears were confirmed when I took a bite of a prawn and almost spat it out. The flesh was too mushy for my liking and this only happens if the prawns have been thawed and frozen many times over. That already means that the prawns were not from a fresh stock. The squid rings were fine but with the experience I had with the prawns, I did not dare to try eating the mussels. In the end, I swapped my dinner with my husband as he had a far stronger stomach than I. Little did I know that it was already too late for that.

My order of fried chicken sandwiches with a side of salad and French fries.

My husband had the fried chicken sandwiches served (above) and well, this was somewhat campy and cafe-like. I would expect to be served this at a recreational club cafe or probably a roadside stall, but at a bar and grill restaurant, I kind of had a little more faith in them. Never mind that; let’s just dive into the dishy details. The fried chicken, according to my husband, was a little dry and tough to chew. The taste was there but the tenderness fled the moment it arrived at our table. The French fries were cooked well, less salty which was good I suppose…

It was a pity because the meal looked rather delectable and for the price per meal, I would have expected a little bit more quality and pizzazz. Alright, maybe the sandwiches at RM10.00 sort of justified its appearance, but the pasta at RM20.00 could have been better. And of course, the prawns should not have been thawed and frozen so many times. It was a good thing that my mug of hot honey milk was soothing enough for my already-uneasy stomach.


Well, these are what I thought and how I felt about the place. It would have been a great experience, despite the mushy prawns, if it wasn’t for the food poisoning and diarrhoea. Perhaps not many people have encountered the same thing and I could have been there at the wrong time. Feel free to visit the place and have a meal there. Hopefully you will have a much better and enjoyable experience than I did!

Also, I still have no idea why or how the name ‘Giggles & Geeks‘ came to be… But one thing is for sure, they have more beers than anything else. Maybe that’s why nobody really comes here to eat. They prefer to have more beer o’clock sessions than anything else!

Address: Ground Floor, Bio-X Centre, Persiaran Cyberpoint Selatan, Cyber 8, 63000 Cyberjaya, Malaysia
Operating Hours: 10:00am – 12:00am
Facebook: Giggles & Geeks

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