Thank God It’s Friday!

with love from Creator & curator

Aren’t you glad it’s finally Friday, guys? After a long and hectic week at work, it’s time to head back home and relax. Like Irish author Cathy Kelly says:

Sometimes the best thing to do is go home… because it’s where the heart is.

Unless, of course, your version of relaxing is hitting the bar with your girlfriends (or your bros) and knocking back a glass of whiskey or downing an entire bottle of wine.

Speaking of Cathy Kelly, I’m currently reading her book titled Homecoming, and so far, I love it! It is hilarious and the characters have room to grow into. The author has even inserted little snippets of food and life, and one particular paragraph is my favourite:

Food was about hope, rebirth, community, family and nourishment that went beyond the purely physical.

Like the mashed potato with the puddle of melting butter in the middle and spring onions chopped in that you ate when you were feeling blue. Or the chicken soup made when there was nothing to eat but leftovers, but which when mixed together with skill and love and a hint of garlic became a melting broth that would warm your heart. Or the taste of fresh berries on juice-stained lips in bed with the man you loved.

That was a really lovely piece there. And this will be how I normally spend my Friday nights. At home on the couch with the perfect book after having had a wonderful dinner. Away from the crowds on the road.

Also, Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter to all who are celebrating! May your gardens be filled with chocolate bunnies and and baskets with Easter eggs.

What about you? How would you spend your Fridays after work?

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