The Amazing Sesame Oil.

Image by NDTV Food.

It is common to hear people sing the praises of the olive oil, canola oil and flaxseed oil. Then there are those who swear by the coconut oil. Not to be outdone by its “oily” counterparts, the sesame oil has a few benefits up its sleeves for those who want to live long and prosper (all hail Mr. Spock!).

The sesame oil is a key ingredient in Asian and Indian cooking, where light sesame oil is used for stir-frying while dark sesame oil is used for dressings or sauces. Pressed from a tiny sesame seed, the sesame oil contains numerous compounds and antioxidants so beneficial that even after the oil has been drained, the seed hulls can still be fed to livestock. Don’t you find it unbelievable how much power it holds for our health? Here, let me count the ways…

Let There Be Hair

Sesame oil has a hand in improving the health of our hair, from darkening our hair colour to eliminating hair loss. The anti-bacterial effects of sesame oil also help to evict unfriendly pathogens or foreign bodies that can attack your scalp or hair. They don’t deserve a place on our heads!

Save Your Skin, Literally

Sesame oil is rich in zinc, which helps to increase skin elasticity and smoothness, reduces the appearance of age spots, and eliminates various skin conditions. Believe it or not, this particular oil can also be used as a sunscreen because it creates a protective layer on your skin which protects the body from foreign substances or toxins can harm your skin.

A Healthy Heart is a Happy Heart

Remember, not all fatty acids are bad for us. The polyunsaturated ones in sesame oil keep your cardiovascular system balanced and ensure that your cholesterol levels are low. It can also drop the existing cholesterol levels your body already has, reducing atherosclerosis as a result. These fatty acids are your friendly neighbourhood contents that can protect you from heart attacks and strokes if you gave them a chance and include them to your diet.

I’m Not Fat, I’m Just Big Boned

So it seems that zinc good not just for your skin but also for your bones. Along with copper and calcium, these three minerals play a vital role in encouraging bone growth and development, as well as speeding up any healing or re-growth of bones. As you get older, your consumption of sesame oil can help to avoid osteoporosis and other various age-related weaknesses of the bones.

Fire up Your Circulation and Metabolism

Make zinc and copper your friends when you include sesame oil into your diet. A high content of the duo, especially copper, allows the body to function at its optimal levels, which is required for the production of red blood cells. This ensures that your body gets the right amount of blood pumped to your organs and tissues, and you will have a healthier and higher-energetic lifestyle!


It is because of copper that we survive. Not only does it act as a naturally anti-inflammatory substance, but it also reduces the swelling of joints and strengthens the bones and blood vessels, the inflammation and discomfort of various conditions such as gout and arthritis, and helps to keep your frame strong and sturdy for many years.

So now you have even more reasons to swing by your nearest supermarket and swipe your debit card for a couple of bottles of sesame oil.

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  1. I learned to make a delicious tahini


    1. Sheu Quen says:

      That’s wonderful! Homemade food is so much healthier than store-bought stuff anyway 🙂

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  2. Sauce in an organic restaurant in Florida


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