An Employment Update.

To all my beloved readers,

I have an update for you. It has been a wonderful eight (8) months where I was able to publish one post per day (two, when I’m feeling inspired) for your reading entertainment. It was great to receive comments from you, and having you guys check in to see what’s new or what I had in store for you. But as they say, all good things would eventually come to an end.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not closing down the blog or doing anything drastic to it. I’m just here to say that after 1.5 months of being jobless due to retrenchment, I am finally re-joining the rest of the corporate monkeys this coming Monday, 14 March 2016. Hence, I will no longer be able to update my blog on a daily basis. However, I will try my best to come up with topics and other reading material when I can (food, movie and book reviews can still be easily drummed up and published here on weekends, yes?).

I feel that it is my duty to at least inform you so that you won’t think that this blogger as gone AWOL or MIA without so much as to notify you. Not that it is compulsory but I feel that you guys deserve that much. Thank you for your continuous support and for following me all these months, and I hope you still continue to follow me. I will try to keep calm and carry on blogging anyway.

Before I leave, here’s an infographics on how to work smart, not hard. I guess we all know that at some point, if we knew how to work intelligently, we won’t be bringing work home (unless it is a time-sensitive, multi-million dollar project!). Have fun reading, and keep on working!


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