What Kind of Reader Are You?

After many years of reading and enjoying the sight and smell of new books, I’ve often wondered what sort of reader have I turned out to be. And whether who I am is common and ordinary or rare and unique. Not sure where you lie? Maybe this will help you:

The Classification of Book Lovers and Other Readers

Created by writing consultant, Laura E. Kelly, the infographics below explores 49 different classifications of readers that are found in many of us today, including a couple that don’t read at all!

What type of reader are you? The type who prefers to borrow books so much that you don’t want to give them back? Or perhaps you are a conflicted reader? Do you enjoy sharing what you’re reading with other people, so much so that sometimes people find you annoying? Try not to do that, yes?

Infographics by The Digital Reader.

And then we have the various personalities that come with us book lovers as well.

What Kind of Reader Are You?

Book lovers, like yours truly, are just like the rest of the ordinary folk, living contentedly among the non-readers. But we have our own personalities too! Some of us find it hard to have just one personality, so depending on the book(s) we’re reading, we could very well be a mix of some of these below, or perhaps just one. Can’t decide? Go on, have a look. Happy reading!

Infographics by Adweek.

8 thoughts on “What Kind of Reader Are You?

    1. Well, you could always start out slowly.

      But I would recommend you to read reviews of other genres online first before buying something. It sucks if you bought a genre you thought you’d like but end up finding it not to your liking.

      Do you have a Goodreads account? I find it quite useful when it comes to trying out new genres.

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