The Waiting Game.

Paid to Wait

To be fair, we do a lot of waiting in our lifetime. From the time when we are born until we grow old and die.

Well, you kind of start the waiting game the moment you are conceived in your mother’s womb! You aren’t allowed to decide when you want to be born. You have to wait nine months and then possibly a few hours or days (or weeks, if your birth is a difficult one) before finally entering the world with a wailing battle cry.

After that, you wait.

You wait to grow up. You wait to start your education years (although some of us couldn’t wait to get out of school and start college or start working). You wait your turn to receive your degree certificate from the President of your university. You wait to get your first girlfriend (followed by first kiss, first time in bed with your significant other, first time losing your virginity, etc…). You literally wait all your years in growing up to grow up.

There is always a first time in doing or getting something, and that’s also when the waiting game begins. The game only ends once you have achieved what you set out to do, and then it starts over when you decide to go for something else.

Imagine, though, just imagine. Come, let’s humour this blogger a little today and imagine, what if we were paid to wait? What if we were paid for every moment that we had to wait for something? Can you imagine how rich we would all be by now? We don’t have to be paid in big amounts of money. Even if we were given a one dollar (or in Malaysian terms, RM1) for every hour we waited, we would still be effin’ rich by the time we enter old age. Heck, with all this dough ‘ka-ching-ing‘ in our bank accounts, we don’t even need to work!

After all, we do wait a lot, don’t we? Think about it.

  • What happens when there’s a line at the supermarket counters? You wait for your turn to pay for your groceries.

  • What happens when you’re not well and need some medication? You wait to see a doctor at the clinic.

  • What happens when you’re going on a vacation? You wait while checking in your luggage at the airport.

  • What happens when you apply for a job? You wait for the company to call you back (and then you wait some more if there is a second round!).

Mind you, these are only four scenarios in your entire life of waiting. Whatever you do in your life, be it personal or otherwise, you have to wait. So, imagine being paid all that money for waiting… Oh boy, this is one game I will never want to stop playing! It’s better than gambling, and even better than Jumanji! It’s just like a get-rich-quick scheme, only you don’t have to do anything but wait.

Hey, I could even make a movie series out of this whole waiting issue. Just like THE HUNGER GAMES movie trilogy, I could call mine THE WAITING GAMES, with the first, second and third instalments called PAID TO WAIT, KA-CHING!, and DOLLAR SIGNS.

Wait (see, it’s that word again!) a minute… For this post to go up to my blog, I still have to wait for the website to load, right? C’mon, where’s my money?

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