Hello, Is It Tea You’re Looking For?

What better way to unwind than to have some tea and sugar. Image by GenHERation.

Let me tell you something about myself. I used to swear by coffee and I always had to have my cup of coffee in the morning before starting my day. I always had to have that early morning jolt before I could focus on anything. That was then.

Lately, however, I’ve been drinking more tea than coffee. And I find myself boiling a kettle of water and letting my Lipton tea bag steep in the mug of hot water before getting down to the “nit-tea grit-tea” of all things tea-based.

Although, Lipton is probably the last thing in the minds of the great tea drinkers, and there are other brands out there that are better than Lipton. My sister swears by her Yorkshire tea that our aunt buys back for her from London. But Lipton works for me and it does its job on letting me have my morning cuppa.

So what is it about tea and coffee that draw a stark difference when placed next to one another anyway?

Well, for one, both have its benefits and both sets of benefits vary when compared:

Are you a tea drinker or a coffee chugger? Infographics by Lifehacker.

You know, I’ve always wondered which is better, coffee or tea. The infographics above tells you a bit about both. Researchers and scientists may want to add their two-cents worth on the health benefits and risks of both as well.

Tea is popular in China and Japan, the former brewing mostly Chinese tea while the latter will generously refill your mugs with hot green tea. Both types contain antioxidants that are good for health and fight diseases. Coffee won’t go down without a fight either, and is said to have equal amounts of goodness to fight cancer and diseases. Both beverages contain caffeine, so you can’t say that one is worse than the other. I suppose it’s a matter of how your body reacts to the caffeine. I can sleep at night after a cup of tea, but if I had a cup of coffee, I’ll be up all night pondering about life.

Still can’t figure out whose side you’re on? Perhaps this by Elite Daily might help you decide:

50 Differences between People who Sip Tea and Those who Chug Coffee

Oh, and I’m sure everyone is going to heave a big sigh at 5:00pm later and scream ‘THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY‘ at the top of your lungs on the rooftop of your office block. Have a great weekend, guys!

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