Drive with Your Eyes on the Road.

Monkey Chinese New Year
Happy Chinese New Year to all Malaysians from the Creator & Curator 😀

The time has come for the children to get up to mischief again and start monkeying around, and with reason too!

As Chinese New Year falls on Monday and Tuesday, Malaysians are looking forward to yet another long weekend. Unfortunately, long weekends mean that many will be on the road either for a long weekend vacation or to visit their families, relatives and friends. The long weekend also means that every other major highway will be clogged with cars.

Please take driving seriously. Driving requires all your focus and concentration.

Drivers, please get enough rest the night before and follow a proper diet or get some exercise to relieve your stress before you begin to drive up north or down south as the journey could very well be a tiring one (taking into consideration the heavy traffic flow).

Please take heed of the drivers all around you. Don’t take lives for granted.

Passengers, please do not distract or disturb the driver. He or she is in charge of all the lives in the car, and wouldn’t it be great to arrive at your destination in the same manner when you started your journey? I’m sure everyone would love to reach their grandparents’ home in one piece and alive, and not in one piece in a body bag, or one person short (if you have five in a family, I’m sure you’d want all five to be there when you arrive).

Please take a break if you are tired or sleepy. It is unsafe to drive in that condition.

It is also unwise to drive in that condition. You can take intermittent breaks at the designated rest stops along the highway. Remember that you are not the only driver on the road. Other people will be doing the journey like you and yours truly, and we would like as much peace as possible on the road when we’re driving too.

I will be away as well for the entire week. It will be a double celebration and double happiness for me as my second anniversary is four days away from Chinese New Year and then Valentine’s Day is two days away from my anniversary. Oh boy, what a week!

Have a wonderful week for those on vacation, have a Happy Chinese New Year for those celebrating, and please drive safely! Let us have a momentous holiday without the negative events.

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