What is: MMO vs. MMORPG?

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I’ll be honest with you. After putting in as many job applications as I could, I sat back and wondered what else could I do. Sure, I have also submitted a request to become a guest contributor on an online blog community (minus the pay because the community was new and they are still hiring and securing the space before promising rewards to anyone).

And then my husband introduced me to DUNGEON SIEGE 1, 2 and 3.

I’m no stranger to RPG games ever since I met my husband (then boyfriend). He’s given me an insight to many RPG games, but carefully selecting those that were suitable for my style of gaming. I used to play only word and puzzle games, and now I still play them from time to time. But then I began craving for mindless, monster-bashing games. Lo and behold, Dungeon Siege soon came to dominating my laptop. Over the weekends, across my college semester breaks, and sometimes deep into the wee hours of the morning, I can be found hunched over my laptop or desktop PC, saving the world on my own or with a party of characters, traipsing through the marshy lands of the map from one end of the world to the other.

And then came a host of other RPG games, from the strategy-based ones like AGE OF MYTHOLOGY to more of the mindless, monster-bashing ones like NEVERWINTER NIGHTS, THE ELDER SCROLLS: OBLIVION, DIABLO, and FABLE.

And then my husband introduced me to PRISTON TALE.

But what is it that makes RPG games so irresistible? I’ve seen gamer guys and chicks addicted and attached to their gaming devices to the point of grades slipping, friendships falling apart, relationships breaking apart, savings disappearing into buying more and more games.

What is the difference between an MMORPG and MMO anyway? I always thought RPG was a grand abbreviation on its own until MMORPG came into existence.

Okay, here’s the deal. MMORPG stands for “massive muli-player online role playing game”, while MMO stands for “massive multi-player online.”

But this is where it gets complicated.

All MMORPGs are MMOs but not all MMOs are MMORPGs. Wait, what?

For example, games like RAGNAROK ONLINE and WORLD OF WARCRAFT are MMORPGs. You start by creating a character (swordsman or acolyte) to fight monsters, solve quests and level up. You can also train to become stronger and achieve higher class ranks (acolyte –> priest –> high priest). You can fight alongside other people in a party to work together and kill monsters or you can fight against each other in the player versus player arena. This would be considered an MMORPG because you assume the role of a fictional character in a fantasy-based land.

All MMOs have chat rooms or some sort of chatting system that you can used to communicate with other people. An MMO isn’t considered an MMO unless you can have a way to communicate with other players in a game. Some games, however, will cause a dispute because some gamers might not consider it to be an MMO. Also, most MMOs require you to download. Sites like Neopets is not considered an MMO.

There are more genres to MMOs than just RPGs though. Other genres include simulations (Sims Online), real time strategies (Starcraft or Warcraft), and puzzles (Puzzle Pirates).

The layout of MMORGs also differ, in a sense that some MMORPGs require you to start out right in the fantasy land it takes place in. Others, like Grand Chase, require you to start out on a world map and makes you join a room with 4 players to do dungeon crawls together. Telling the difference between an MMO and an MMORPG can be quite a chore, but all you have to do is remember that if the game takes place in a fantasy land, it is usually an MMORPG.

Source: Internet Games by YoExpert.

Well, I hope this helps… Honestly, I still get confused from time to time. Normally, I’d try my hand in a game that someone introduces to me. If I like it, I’ll play it. If not, I’ll take a pass and try something else.

Alright, back to Priston Tale for me now. Adios!

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  1. Legin Gnoy says:

    Soon mobile gaming will introduce a new standard in the massively multiplayer space. Mobile massively multiplayer games like Clash Of Clans proved that the mobile world is capable of being taken seriously as a cash cow for gaming companies.


    1. Sheu Quen says:

      That’s true. And it serves a purpose of being able to carry your gaming wherever you go. Unlike being tied down to a laptop at a specific place.


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