The “Other” Neighbours.

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And no, I don’t mean the neighbours on your left, nor your right. I wasn’t referring to the neighbours opposite you or above you either.

Let me ask you something, though. Do you sometimes feel like you’re being watched? Or that you’re not alone in the house or room? Do you sometimes wonder why you’re feeling all jittery and goosebumps keep popping up on your arms? It’s definitely not winter (Malaysia doesn’t have any snow) so it’s not that you’re cold. Unless the air-conditioning has been left on for far too long or the office central air-conditioning has been tampered with to make the whole place feel like an igloo. Perhaps these sensations don’t set off the alarm bells in your head, but the strange noises at night do.

Oh my God, what was that? Did you hear that?

You know what’s creepier? Hearing these noises in broad daylight is not a bad thing. It could be someone doing some maintenance work. Or it could be someone else doing something or other on the ground floor of the condominium. But being subjected to these strange noises in the middle of the night, or worse, at 3:00am when everyone is asleep and in bed, now that’s bad.

Funny how this conversation even began in the first place. I had a couple of workmen come over to fix a leaky pipe in my bathroom which technically the fellow living above me should be paying for the repairs as well. Thankfully, he was a fuss-free man and he willingly gave half the portion of the bill to me. But I had to ask him one thing: Does he have any children? The foreman in charge immediately piped in and rubbished my question because, it turns out that I wasn’t the first occupant to ask about “the children”!

Now, what’s all this about? How did I get myself into this, quandary?

Well, this fuss-free neighbour told me that he is married, yes, but he lives with his wife and her sister and among all of them, neither has any children. Right. So if the neighbours living above me have no children, then why do I still hear footsteps pounding the floor as if there were children running across the living room upstairs? Before I could utter another word, the foreman AND my neighbour said the same thing at the same time: “No, they don’t drag furniture across the floor at godforsaken times either.” How odd, that they know what I was about to ask next. This was the other question that many occupants ask about too (because that’s what I’ve been hearing at nights for many months in the past).

Apparently, there have been other niggling fears too, from other occupants in both the condominium blocks where I live here. Other complaints were mysterious alarm clocks going off at random times of the day and the odd hammering noises coming from nowhere in particular. However, there have been no reasons nor stories given to these unwanted events. We were told to just mind our own business.

So it seems that I don’t just have living and breathing neighbours, but I have “other” neighbours too. Not that I am anymore superstitious than the next person, but I do have a few things to say the next time I bump into the previous owner.

What about you? Do you have a haunting experience or story to tell?

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