It’s ‘Nut’hing Short of Pure Bliss.

Sangkaya – a place where you can go nuts for coconuts. | Image taken from VulcanPost.

I finally did myself a favour and persuaded my husband to take us to this neat little artisan ice cream shoppe in SS15, Subang Jaya called ‘Sangkaya’. It can be found on the same lane as the DirectD Retail & Wholesale physical stores, and along the same row as the Fatbaby Ice Cream parlour too.

Here’s a little introduction from their official website, Sangkaya:

Sangkaya is a Malaysian founded creamery brand.

We are founded on the philosophy of manifesting the true values of coconut as a consumable, a super food that was acknowledged as the all life-giving from many a centuries ago.

We believe by starting with our premium coconut ice cream; we are set out to influence a trend as we introduce to the world a different class of indulgence.

Sangkaya lets you discover a personal euphoria with a line- up of ice cream flavors that is unique in its own right – the first creamery in the market with coconut milk as the mother base for fresh dairy, cream and egg replacement. The health-conscious and vegans are now entitled to enjoy real ice cream too.

Our products are freshly made daily. We use the best ingredients available, proudly sourced from our home grown produces.

As we continue to innovate our menu, think of us as a lifestyle embodiment of true Asian food culture, with that millennial Midas touch. And we are relentless in our mission to bring coconut back in fashion.

I did feel that personal euphoria, and indulged in the sheer bliss of three teeth-chattering and spine-tingling, scoops of coconut ice cream sitting pretty inside the husk of a coconut, scraped clean to contain the dairy product and its various toppings. The menu is on the website as well as in their official Facebook page.

The image above is their ‘Signature Coconut Ice Cream’ which comes with three scoops and three toppings (out of four, I chose toasted coconut flakes, oat flakes, and chopped nuts) of your choice for RM10.50. For that price, it’s admittedly not a cheap ice cream. But then again, if you are looking for cheap frozen dairy products, you might as well head over to the nearest McDonald’s and order their soft-serve vanilla ice cream cone.

The price of ice cream these days have increased bit by bit, and worse if you had a craving for artisan ice cream. But still, it is worth a shot and I thought it was a pretty cool place. Sangkaya has many branches all over the Peninsular, from Johor Bahru all the way to Penang (click here for their list of outlets). We decided to try the coconut ice cream at Sangkaya, firstly, because I’ve had friends who have been there before and thought it was good, and secondly, the weather has gone from daily thunderstorms just a few months ago to a blistering heat in January alone. I believe the weather is going to be hot, hot, hot until mid year, at least until the the hazy season returns. For now, all I want to do is to enjoy all forms of ice cream, whether it’s from Haagen Dazs, Baskin Robbins or Sangkaya.

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