I’d Say, You’re Already Halfway There!

All the trendy hashtagged days of our lives, so to speak… | Image by Radio Laurier.

As a child, you would have learnt the names of the seven days in a week in your first English class. As you grew older, you learnt that some calendars start their week on Sundays while other calendars start on Mondays. That was then.

Nowadays, the seven days of the week are constantly being referenced with the trendy ongoings of the social media world. It has since become a whirlwind romance of the digital marketing industry, with the intention of attracting attention, and wooing the hearts and interests of the Internet users. These are the days:

#ManicMonday | #ManCrushMonday | #MondayBlues

The truth is, nobody looks forward to the first day of the work week, especially if your first day starts badly. That’s when the #MondayBlues kick in. Unless you love your job so much you’d rather camp out in your office, shower in the office toilets and proceed to build a life revolving around your career and your bedmates are the office cleaners.

In fact, Mondays are so manic that even The Bangles have a song called ‘Manic Monday‘! My advice for a manic Monday? Quickly head over to the Chippendales website for some #ManCrushMonday. Satiate yourself with some hunks and you’ll be rejuvenated.

#TransformationTuesday | #TravelTuesday

Tuesday is generally seen as a day of transformation for fitness freaks and gym rats, and followed by a collage of their ‘before and after‘ photos of themselves (mostly their physique and health status). People would sometimes use this #TransformationTuesday hashtag as an excuse to upload a ‘before and after‘ photo of themselves from ‘Not‘ to ‘Hot‘.

Of course, the ordinary folks whose interest lie in seeing the world find the hashtag #TravelTuesday more suitable and appropriate for themselves.

#WomanCrushWednesday | #HumpDay

As popular Mondays are with women ogling men, Wednesdays are seen as the days for men to ogle women. Oddly enough, though, there are more women who use this #WomanCrushWednesday hashtag than men, and are obsessed with other girls. Don’t be surprised if your social media accounts are flooded with beautiful women.

Wednesday is also the middle of the week, and has since been referred to as ‘hump day‘. This means that now people have worked two days and will have another two days to go until the weekend. Think of the five-day work week as a small hill that starts on Monday and ends on Friday. And Wednesday happens to be the top of the hill.

#ThrowbackThursday | #Thursdate

Thursdays have been known to Internet users as #ThrowbackThursday where people uploaded pictures of themselves and their friends on social media from a time in the past for fun. More often than not, it’s an old and likely cute or embarrassing picture for everyone to go ‘awww‘ or ‘LOL‘. People also naturally uploaded photos of a particular holiday destination that they had so much fun at and would like to remember the happiness.

For couples who enjoy going out and doing things together, sometimes having dates on weekends is not enough and would like to add more spice to their love lives. #Thursdate is the way to go!

#FlashbackFriday | #FollowFriday | #FridayNights | #TGIF

Oh my God, it’s Friday! You won’t believe how stressful my week was! Bla bla bla… Yes, this is often associated with ‘Thank God it’s Friday!‘ The relief you feel after a long and stressful week at work. This in itself is already a hashtag too, as in #TGIF. #FridayNights go hand-in-hand with #TGIF when you have a night out with your girlfriends to paint the town red.

#FlashbackFriday similar to #ThrowbackThursdays. Personally, I felt they should have left Thursdays with the throwbacks and use Fridays for something else, like #FollowFriday where big brands try to connect with their fans by having that hashtag campaign to get more fans.

#Caturday | #SaturdayShenanigans | #SexySaturday

Ever since the Internet became obsessed with cats, the search engines exploded with the hashtag #Caturday, as a day allocated to cats. I still don’t understand the appeal that cats have on people, despite having a cat myself. Millions of cat pictures flood the webpages, from exotic cats to domestic ones. And then they have the variant of ‘lolcats’ where people add funny text to the cat pictures.

#SaturdayShenanigans and #SexySaturday are a pair that reverberates with the idea of an outing on a Saturday night, complemented with a spicy outfit and a bunch of crazy friends for company.

#Bunday | #SundayFunday | #ShelfieSunday | #SelfieSunday

The last day of the week tends to give people frazzled nerves because they know that the weekend is ending and they will be back to work the next day. Ugh. I can almost hear myself saying that now.

#Bunday is similar to #Caturday, with the adding of funny text to pictures, except that it is for rabbits or bunnies because that’s where the name came about.

Because Sunday is the last day of the weekend to have fun, many people refer to it as #SundayFunday, and are catered to mostly young couples or young families who organise get-togethers at cafes to meet up with friends or shopping malls to enjoy themselves.

Sunday is also a day for self-reflection, or should I say “shelf-reflection” for the avid readers and book lovers (like myself). Hence the hashtags for #SelfieSunday or #ShelfieSunday. The former will often be accompanied by endless selfies taken by narcissists (sorry, I really have to say that), while the latter will come with their own version but more on books and all things related to reading and books.

Sources: Transparent Language | Quora | POPSUGAR

So, Happy #HumpDay, everyone!

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