New Year, New Challenges.

Annual reading challenge? Challenge accepted! | Photo by

I’m sure many of you have Tumblr and/or Pinterest accounts at some point in your life, but would you have stumbled upon the infographics above for a reading challenge? I saw this on Pinterest but more often than not, I see it on Tumblr. I’ve never taken up the challenge as I’m not interested in some of the requirements.

But if you were interested, would you accept it? I have created my next reading challenge on Goodreads, though. Previously, I’ve read 20 books in 2015. This year, I plan to read 50 books. I’m not sure if I can but I will try. This has become my new year resolution (besides weight loss, eating healthily, living healthily, having a better sleeping habit, etc etc…). Most people would have had weight loss as their top priority for a new year resolution. Or getting married, or having a baby, or working better and aim for a promotion.

Me? I prefer to look at my new year resolutions from a more intrapersonal perspective. To me, reading has always been my go-to method for relaxing, de-stressing, and well, a way to improve the internal use of my language, vocabulary and thought process.

So, have you drawn up a list of your new year resolutions yet?

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