The Right Plants to Beat the Bloat.

That abominable abdominal feeling in your bowel movements… | Photo by Health Ambition.

Today marks the fourth day of the first month of the new year. How was your New Year celebration? Did you party until the cows come home, and then party some more with the cows? Or did you have a small gathering with your family and close friends, stayed indoors and watched the fireworks in various countries on the television?

Whatever the case, there will come a time when you guzzled more than your body could handle, and are now paying the price for behaving like a hog at dinner time. I didn’t eat much, yet, I still suffer from abdominal bloat and the occasional tummy ache. Abdominal pains are a health concern if it occurs too often and you wonder if you have caught more than just a common stomach bug. It also becomes a social concern when your gassed-up guts force you into flatulence (the release of gas from the digestive tracts through the anus) while you’re in public or in the company of family, friends and/or acquaintances.

Although flatulence is normal and shows good activity of the intestines, it can be embarrassing if you did it loud and clear while you’re out somewhere, and it stinks. But if you decide to hold it in for fear of offending those around you, you will be in trouble as this will cause a more toxic form of bloating that can badly upset the stomach and lead to more complications. Having said that, those who do not have the habit of flatulence at least once in awhile will be faced with adverse problems.

After doing some research online, and speaking to family members who diligently follow a strict diet to eliminate tummy discomfort, here are three plants that can help to overcome your current situation.

Many factors can cause abdominal bloating, which is usually associated with parasitic infestation or toxicity from the intestinal flora. In the case of parasitic infestation, it is advisable to take deworming tablets or test stool to look for possible parasites that are causing you tummy discomfort and treat it accordingly.

Acquiring the Taste for Ginger.

In the case of home remedies, some natural plants can help with the prevention of toxins in the intestines, such as the ginger plant which is known to stop gas from forming inside the stomach. However much I detest and despise ginger, I can’t help but admit that it does help a lot when it comes to preventing bloat problems. For this, I have meekly accepted a small jar of sugared ginger slices from my mother and resorted to chewing on a couple of slices a day. While sugared ginger candies aren’t the real thing, but it is still ginger and it does help to acclimatise my tastebuds for this sharp and prickly gingery tang.

You can have your ginger in tea-form by grinding or slicing some up and adding it to a cup of boiling water. Simmer and soak it for ten minutes, before reheating the brew and then sip it slowly. For best results, take ginger tea at least three times a day. Can’t see yourself enjoying it? Just tell yourself that it is for your own good and it will pay off in no time. I’ll just have to do the same, too.

Alternatively, Peppermint.

There are other ways of overcoming this issue as well, and if you really can’t stand ginger, then you can have some peppermint tea. Peppermint has similar effects on your bloated tummy as ginger, thus, it is good to include this in your daily consumption of two to three times by adding some fresh leaves of peppermint or a sachet of peppermint tea in boiling water. Peppermint tea can help to ease the pain in your guts, and might even cause you to nod off due to its relaxing qualities.

Also, Apple Cider Vinegar.

One other plant that is somehow rarely ever mentioned is the apple cider vinegar. A potent cleanser and eliminator of gas from the abdomen, the apple cider vinegar is one of the best foods, besides ginger and peppermint, that can also aid with digestion.

Apparently, the apple cider vinegar provides an almost immediate relief from abdominal bloat when you consume a liquid mixture of a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and warm water. If you are unable to withstand the sour taste of apple cider vinegar, there is the alternative options of tablets and capsules.

So, by “digesting” these information, I sincerely hope that you will be able to “stomach” these liquefied concoctions and finally be rid of the abominable abdominal discomfort. Puns intended.

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