New Year, New Me… Really?

Happy New Year to you, and may all your wishes and dreams come true! | Image designed by blog author via Canva.

Is it just me or is everyone still nursing a Christmas hangover? Because it looks as though the New Year’s Eve celebrations are about to kick off but it seems as though everyone’s still in a Christmas mood. Christmas doesn’t feel like it’s ready to leave yet, with some people still exchanging belated presents and visiting friends.

Speaking of Christmas, did you get what you want from Santa Claus (not that I believe in him, though…)? The Nintendo Wii you’ve been eyeing since the start of the summer holidays? Or the brand new smartphone that has been released not too long ago? What was it again? I forgot. Or have your parents promised you a new car upon graduating from university with good grades? Or maybe, instead of getting presents this year, everyone got fat from all the feasting, and poor from all the money spent on presents to make other people happy.

Malaysians will understand the definition of being poor ever since our ringgit went on a downhill slide. Nothing could be more expensive than buying some food for lunch and gasping at the current price. Chicken rice used to be RM4.50. Now, it costs RM7.50. If you ordered two, you might as well add on a couple more ringgit and order an aglio olio from Plan B. No, really. I kid you not.

New Year, New Me. Honestly?

The New Year’s Eve celebrations are as big a deal as Christmas celebrations. If you thought that buying presents for Christmas was a big deal, can you imagine the amount of money seeping out of your bank account as you struggle to host New Year parties to usher in the, err…, new year. How much are you willing to spend on food and wine, and how far are you willing to please your guests? Will you spend on fireworks too?

The New Year tradition will also bring on a landslide of resolutions with promises of losing weight (to wear that teeny weeny polka dot bikini) or being a better person (or lover in bed; hey, you never know!). Those familiar with 9GAG will start circulating and reposting the famous Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell (portrayed by Sean Bean) meme from the Game of Thrones “to brace yourselves because the ‘new year, new me‘” resolutions are going to start pouring in. Sean Bean’s other equally famous line comes from the Fellowship of the Ring of the Lord of the Rings trilogy where he, as the son of Gondor, firmly stated that, “One does not simply walk into Mordor.” The original line from the Game of Thrones was, “Brace yourselves, winter is coming.” – sourced from

But hey, let’s just be honest with ourselves for once. How many of us actually stick to our new year resolutions anyway? I used to make resolutions for myself but I never actually stuck to it. Although, if you did, good for you. Weight loss is one of the many resolutions that get lost somewhere along the way in the new year. I have stopped making plans on losing weight or becoming a better person. I’ll do both in my own time. My New Year’s resolution will be to read 50 books. I finished reading 20 books last year which was a small total, to be honest. So next year, I’m going to up the ante to 50 books.

I don’t know about you, but this is what I’m planning to do — spend less, eat moderately, but enjoy myself anyway. Yeah, this should be my New Year’s resolution. What about YOU?

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