When Green Tea Meets Black Sesame.

A green tea and black sesame flavoured joconde cake. | Photo taken by blog author.

I’ll be honest with you. I’ve never heard of a joconde cake before. Heck, I didn’t even know if it was an Indonesian specialty or some other European fanfare! Until I did some research on it, of course. Going back to my post on what a ‘joconde cake’ is all about (Sneak Preview: Joconde Cakes posted on December 4, 2015),  turns out it is French and can also be known as an ‘opera cake’. Which, frankly, I’ve seen in most cafes too. Just never knew it had another identity.

So I decided to have my cake and eat it. I included an order of a slice of joconde cake together with the order for a mango cheesecake for my husband’s birthday on December 12, 2015. I chose the Kimochi flavour, a merry liaison between green tea and black sesame. It was the most unusual combination of flavours, considering one is commonly infused into beverages and dairy products like ice cream, and the other is often used in desserts. Perhaps it’s just me, but I rarely hear of both being added into the mix of a pastry.

Love at First Bite

As I took my first bite, I chewed. Carefully swirling the piece around in my mouth, savouring each time the tasty morsel landed on my tongue. As I swallowed, I thought, “Oh my, that was actually so much better than the macarons!” I suppose it was because I already knew what to expect from macarons. But this… This was different. This was so good. No wait, this was great! I shovelled in forkful after forkful, trying my best to eat slowly and enjoy it. Obviously, it was a futile attempt. Since when did anyone eat something so slowly to enjoy it anyway? Almost always, we ended up stuffing our faces and then calling it a day. I polished off the whole slice in one sitting.

Let me tell you something, though. It is rare to find a pair of ingredients with a resulting burst of flavours in your mouth and one that blows your mind at the same time. The smoky matcha flavour was intense enough to give you an introduction of what the cake is all about, but not to the point of overwhelming your oral senses. The blend of black sesame weighed in gently with the matcha flavour on my tongue. The texture wasn’t too shabby either. Each layer had the gritty black sesame sensation to give it character. And even though I had the cake just before lunch, somehow it was still perfect as a pre-lunch snack.

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

The most important thing about the joconde cake is the sweetness level. Most cafes sell cakes that are so sweet I’d rather be spooning refined sugar into my mouth. Some are so sweet I can barely stomach another bite. Some, I just push aside. But this one was just right. It had the same level of sweetness in the mango cheesecake (my husband’s birthday cake), which was so good that my sister refused to share it with anyone! Yup, it was that good. I’ll give my finances the rest of December to recover itself and maybe, I will put in another order of Kimochi.

To enjoy a slice, head over to Petite Blanc Patisserie‘s Facebook for more information. Now excuse me while I replay the heavenly highlights of the Kimochi I had yesterday.

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