Living Out of A Box, Literally.

Challenge yourself to stay inside (and live out of) a box. Namely, a container. | Photo by ViralCham.

I’ll be honest with you. I have yet to do what I have put forth to you. I have yet to take the opportunity to stay within the metal four walls of a container hotel.

English majors and language nerds (including yours truly) will pounce on you for using this term without a care for what “living out of the box” and “out of the box” itself actually mean so, here, let me clear something up with you.

According to

To “live out of the box” means “having moved into a new place, with all your belongings in boxes, suitcases and luggages, but you are yet to unpack them”. This means that you are living out of your suitcases. In a literal sense. Because your stuff are still in the boxes and you probably haven’t had the time to unpack them and arrange them neatly in your new place.

According to

The phrase “out of the box” normally comes with the word “to”; hence, “to think out of the box” means that you are thinking creatively and not restricted by rules and certainly not by-the-book. You are carefree in your thoughts, and you enjoy the freedom of toying with new ideas.

The idea of living in a box and out of one captures the notion of living in a container hotel. There are two options here: (1) Farm Ville Homestay in Sekinchan has a choice of standard and deluxe sizes (if I’m not mistaken, that was what the lady told me the last time I called her), where guests can have some tea at the Farm Ville Cafe while basking in the glory of the vast greenery of the paddy fields and enjoying the view of the small golf course in the hotel; and, (2) Container Hotel in Jalan Delima, Kuala Lumpur has three types of containers (Outgoing – RM35 per night, Adventure – RM110 per night, and Conservative – RM165 per night), each unit being fitted with its own set of facilities.

The Container Hotel in Kuala Lumpur was inspired by the idea of sustainable architecture, where the units are built from renewable freight containers, innovatively redesigned with a sense of modernism in mind and bedecked with colourful features. Customers are greeted with a combination of bright and cheerful orange containers, beer-barrel guest rooms, and a futuristic pink tank upon arrival. All container rooms come with the basics: beds equipped with comfortable memory foam mattresses (except the sofa beds), full linen, towels, shower gel and shampoo, shared bathrooms and shower rooms, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi connection and a personal bed light. Each container unit have customised facilities to cater to each category of individuals. Apart from the standard provisions, they also have a 24-hour front desk service, personal lockers, bicycle rentals, luggage storage and tourist guide books. There is no curfew for this place so you’re allowed to go and come as you please.

Unfortunately, you’d have to call the Farm Ville Homestay (contact details in their website) to find out more about their services.

Are you tempted yet? I am, but I have yet to make my own arrangements. I haven’t had a feel of this before either, but judging from the looks of it, I think we should try it out and experience it ourselves. Because staying in proper hotels is so mainstream, that’s why.

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