Selangor Gives Back.

Selangor wins the Malaysia Cup trophy for the 33rd time. | Photo by The Rakyat Post.

I rarely ever publish blog posts about my own country, for safety reasons. Also, for political and religious reasons where I know I can get into trouble for mentioning it online. So I normally avoid talking about Malaysia unless it’s about food and holiday destinations.

Today, however, I feel indebted to publish a post on Selangor winning the Malaysia Cup trophy for the 33rd time and is worth a mention on my blog. I was always a Kuala Lumpur kid at heart, having been born and brought up in my parents’ humble abode in Bangsar. For the past 27 years, I have always filled up forms with a Kuala Lumpur postcode as my immediate and current correspondence address. Until I got married and moved to Kelana Jaya, Selangor. Ever since then, my correspondence address and postcode have changed. And when I read the headlines on Monday that Selangor won the Malaysia Cup title and the Selangor government declared that day a state public holiday, I couldn’t feel prouder.

The state government decided to do a favour and give back to its residents by proclaiming Monday a state public holiday. For those who aren’t familiar with the Malaysian process of dishing out state- or nation-wide public holidays, this is how it is. I’m not complaining because it’s a good thing for me. But our government has a knack of declaring these public holidays as and when they feel they’re worth it. A public holiday could be declared because a state or national sportsman has achieved “enlightenment”. Whether Malaysians really get the public holiday or not is another thing altogether, but you know we are well and truly Malaysians when we actually hope for a public holiday whenever a national sportsman wins something big.

For Selangor’s state public holiday, according to,

The Selangor football team, also known as the “Red Giants”, defeated Kedah 2-0 to win the coveted trophy for the 33rd time at the Shah Alam Stadium here on Saturday night. shared their sentiments about the unexpected declaration of the state public holiday yesterday. Get the full match report here at The Malaysian Insider.

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