Not Your Average Tour Guide.

Pictures taken from a moving car are ALWAYS blur. | Photo taken by blog author.

Yes, photos taken from a moving vehicle are NEVER clear and are ALWAYS blur. Oh, and bear in mind that the photos taken were with a smartphone and not an expensive, super-spec Canon or Nikon DSLR. At least I tried.

I rarely ever drive head-on into KL if I can help it, mostly due to the insane and heavily congested situation regardless of time. It’s always the worst at peak hours, after 5:30pm and beyond, and on Fridays. I don’t know what’s all the hubbub about Friday evenings, but I’m not a nocturnal animal. All I ever do is head home after work for a nice dinner, a cold shower because we’re too poor to afford a heater, a good movie that my husband pirated online or a good book which I legally bought from book warehouse sales. Yeah that’s my kinda Friday nights. So perhaps I don’t understand why so many people enjoy being on the roads at peak hours.

The reason why I got behind the wheel in the middle of mad KL traffic was to bring my Texan friend and her husband around for the night after our dinner at a dim sum restaurant in Jalan Ipoh. That is also somewhere in KL but not the insane part of town. The dim sum in Jalan Ipoh is one of the popular ones there. The place is called Restaurant Taman Million, and it’s located just along the main road. Parking can be a bitch and the restaurant isn’t very big, so I suggest going at non-peak hours, after the initial lunch or dinner crowd.

Driving around KL has made me realised that Malaysians actually have to go through a lot of shit just to exist. And I’m not even talking about trying to survive. It’s like a domino effect, where one cause affects another and the chain goes on until it ends with everyone losing out on something.

Our biggest issue are our roads and highways. It criss-crosses each stretch and then ends rather abruptly, causing unnecessary accidents and bottlenecks. We have many imported cars and ours that we manufacture and produce, and imagine all these cars on the road! With so much traffic congestion, I’m not surprised when no one makes much progress getting anywhere. Then, this leads to petrol consumption. We spend so much time on the road, we end up using a lot of petrol, and when petrol price go up (recently I heard it was down by 10 cents, but wow, that makes SO much difference…) we pay a lot for petrol too. Now we have a 6% Goods and Services Tax (GST) on top of all the other things that we pay for, everything has increased as well. Everything, except our salaries.

Imagine bringing your tourist friends around to show them your beautiful country. Instead, I’m taking them to see how many traffic congestions we can get stuck in one night. The “harmonic orchestra” of the incessant honking every driver is subjecting other drivers to, the constant flashes of the hotshot in his Nissan GTR behind you because he can’t wait until the line of cars have moved as the light have turned green for a long time now, the endless queues of taxis trying to desperately wrestle their passsengers from Uber and Grabcar.

Yes, this is truly Malaysia. Love it or hate it, the locals can’t deny that it. The politicians can’t be bothered to fix the situation. So this will be what the tourists will be seeing for a long time to come. Not to mention, the unstable political situation in the country has been festering for awhile now, with no obvious ends to it.

Don’t get me wrong. Malaysia is a beautiful country. It is a lovely place full of lovely people, blessed with lovely holiday destinations and packed with lovely food. But it’s the people governing the country who aren’t as bright as I thought they would be, could be, and should be. Malaysians as a whole are just praying, wishing and hoping for a better future. If not for us, the current generation, at least for the next and future generations to come.

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  1. Kally says:

    Well written. I feel your pain and I know it only too well since I stay in Bangsar. The traffic is horrendous with motorists weaving in and out and cars blaring their horns. It’s madness to be out on the weekends as well. We usually try our best to get out before 10am and get home before 2pm.

    I agree that Malaysia is a beautiful country and I love it’s people but the stability and safety leaves much to be desire.

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  2. Sheu Quen says:

    I used to stay in Bangsar, though not anymore. I think now I’m facing even more traffic madness in Selangor! LOL. I rarely ever set foot in KL so I think I’m spared from the madness there. Yes, weekends are a pain because everyone wants to be out at the same time.


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