SEO with Spiderbots.

The only time I ever want to talk about spiders is when I’m referring to the arachnids created by Google and other search engines.

According to Kinetic Knowledge:

These multi-legged robots are known as ‘spiderbots‘, ‘web crawlers‘ or ‘Googlebots‘), and are deployed by Google and other search engines to crawl your web pages based on keyword identification. As there are gazillions of web pages on the Internet, this allows the search engines to absorb the keywords into their indexes, rank them and create links back to the web pages where it’s all happening at. It is vital that we understand that Google wants to index everything, which means you need to place a huge emphasis your web page content as a whole, and make sure all the important keywords you use are obvious and available!

A short blog entry today, as the rest is shown below. Have fun reading! It is also crucial for me to note that none of these are mine. I’m only sharing it with you (readers), because I find this highly useful and interesting, and it will be able to help you out when you find yourself in a spiderbot fix.

Infographics on how Google crawls and indexes webpages. | Image by QuickSprout. Data by Neil Patel.

More information on search engine crawling can be found here, on

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