Table Your Success with SEO.

The periodic table of SEO success factors. | Photo by Column Five Media.

Do you often lament on how your website isn’t generating enough traffic and revenue? Do you often hear your boss demanding to know why the numbers are deteriorating? Are you worried that your website isn’t providing clients with enough reason to stay on-page and not leave?

Well… The answer is right here. The answer is SEO. SEO is everywhere! SEO is all over the place. Sadly, so are your site visitors. They are landing everywhere but the pages that you want them to be on. And only an improvement in SEO is going to help direct proper traffic to your website.

Websites don’t just explode overnight into a fireworks of success and splendour. Many business website owners are often stranded by the many jargon and SEO terminology, and confused over which ones to use or which combinations are better. If you didn’t score in Chemistry, chances are this periodic table is going to leave you with more than a headache.

There is a scientific explanation for this, and search engines will reward pages and websites for having the right combination of ranking factors. However, in order to reap the rewards, you have to ensure that your website content is generating the right type of signals. The periodic table (above) is designed by Search Engine Land, which summarises the major factors that one should focus on in search of the perfect equation to enjoy SEO ranking success. I will be the first to say that I cannot give you much insight on SEO but I can tell you where to go to learn more.

Top Five Websites for SEO Tips and Guides:

  1. Search Engine Land,
  2. Search Engine Journal,
  3. SocialBro,
  4. Moz,
  5. HubSpot.

These are my favourite places to go to when I need my SEO fix (in no particular order). Personally, I feel Moz is really good. But then again, they are all really good.

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