Macaron Mania.

A mountain of macarons from Petite Blanc Patisserie. | Photo taken by blog author.

Remember when I talked about macarons and macaroons, and finally laid out the differences in plain sight for everyone to see? Well, the spotlight today is on my favourite little things called ‘macarons’.

I finally found a place where I could get them for a comfortable price. I say comfortable because it is not expensive that you need to sell your kidney for a black market price to get these, but it is affordable enough for you to spend a little for that small piece of heaven.

Petite Blanc Patisserie is the name, and baking these little babies is their game.

I was introduced to the young lady behind the aptly-French named bakery through an old high school friend. Based in Klang, the masters and mistresses behind the makings of the macarons also happen to “supply delightful, mouthwatering, palatable macarons, to cafes / restaurants, events, hotels and individuals.” So if you own a chain of hotels and will be holding a high tea for your clients, perhaps you can drop by their Facebook page and have a look. They have only just begun though, some time this year in 2015. So, do give them some time to expand and once they get the chance to reach new heights, I’m sure they will do very well.

I made my first order from them last week, 10 macarons for a fixed price (contact them to find out more about the pricing). However, as they are more of a supplier than a retailer, 10 pieces do not satisfy the rules for a home delivery. So I agreed to pick them up at a cafe in Ara Damansara. I chose my flavours and left, that feeling of floating on Cloud 9 because I finally had my sweet tooth fix again. Previously, I settled for a box of three from McCafe. Theirs were smaller but they weren’t cheap and were a little too sweet for my tastebuds. But the ones made by Petite Blanc Patisserie were just the right size with just the right amount of saccharine sweetness. You won’t feel as though diabetes has come knocking on your door after you’ve swallowed the last bite. Not to mention, the texture that made it possible. The outer shell has the right amount of “crunch” in it that crumbles after you take a bite of it, and the inner parts just melt when you devour the whole thing.

So far, the flavours that are available (as shown on their Facebook page) are lime, dark chocolate, raspberry, peanut butter and jam (PBJ), matcha (or green tea, in layman’s terms), lychee and rose, salted caramel, mocha buttercream, and cheeseburger (or was it hamburger?). Out of all the flavours, I made an order for dark chocolate, peanut butter and jam, matcha, mocha buttercream, the burger, and salted caramel. I hear they have plans in the grapevine for some new flavours but since they are not released yet, it’s hard to say what are the surprises that they have in store for us. It doesn’t matter, though. I’m just happy that I finally found someone who caters to my “macaron mania”.

Drop by their Facebook page and have a look at their products. If you’re keen on pursuing the matter, drop them a line. I can’t tell you much apart from my experience with them, but I can tell you this: They won’t disappoint you.

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