Going Clutter-Free.

Are you unreasonably messy or do you go for organized chaos? | Photo by Home Decoration Concepts.

Oh my God, no, I can’t give this away! My ex-boyfriend gave me that teddy bear!

Does this sound familiar to you? There is a reason why your boyfriend has become your ex, someone you don’t see anymore, but the teddy bear he gave you for your fifth anniversary of being in a relationship with him is just too cuddly and adorable to be given away to some child who might go on a deadly play-time rampage and gouge his black beady eyes out. Oh, it’s just too much of a distraught to be thinking of it. But you don’t play with soft toys anymore. Wouldn’t it be better to reach out to the children in need and can’t afford luxuries like we do, and give it to them anyway?

I’ve had this situation replayed in my mind, many times over. Not that I have things given to me by my exes, but I have a habit of seeing things I like and buying them for the sake of owning them. And it’s not as though I have any use for it either. My home may not be as messy and cluttered but to me, I think my home could do with less belongings. My husband and I don’t have that many soft toys to begin with but we do have a tendency to collect other forms of items, whether it’s for home decor or collectibles like Hot Wheels and Lego-mobiles. We even acquired several collections of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys from movies like Minions and Home! Not that we ever play with them, though. Why we wanted them is beyond us.

But it got me thinking… We do need to put aside some time to throw away things that are beyond repair, give away toys that we don’t play with anymore, and donate clothes that we don’t wear anymore. There is always someone out there who needs these things more than we do. It’s better to share than to keep them to yourself. Let’s not be stingy pokers, yes? For me, I will probably start with getting myself a few storage boxes that I can stow away in my wardrobe for easy access. And then I will slowly move on from there.

Houzz.com has a few tips for homeowners who are keen on turning their homes from a messy, cluttered place into a user-friendly, visitor- and child-friendly space.

Where NOT to begin:

  1. Don’t plan a major long-weekend purge
  2. Don’t start with other people’s stuff
  3. Don’t start at the front door

Where to begin:

  1. Discard a few clothes
  2. Sort a pile of papers
  3. Organize the junk drawers
  4. Shed a piece of furniture
  5. Give away one thing at a time / right now

Click here for more information on where to begin, when to begin, and how to begin your de-cluttering mission.

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