Homecooked with Love.

Homecooked meals are my specialty. | Photo taken by blog author.
Today’s special on the lunch menu is a homecooked meal, with love. | Photo taken by blog author.

There will always come a time when you want to whip up something special but you don’t actually have the resources to do so. Special meals at special places will no doubt leave a hole in your wallet, or worse, if you already had an existing “hole” in your wallet, it will just expand and get bigger.

Instead of splurging, pick up a few items from your neighbourhood supermarket, go home and heat up the stove. You might not know what to make yet but don’t let that stop you from cooking. We live in the age of technology and the World Wide Web has expanded to incorporate and cover every little corner of the planet. You will definitely and most certainly be able to find anything that your heart desires. That’s what I did. Eating at fancy restaurants is romantic but only up to a certain point. You will reach a point when your wallet starts dwindling in resources, and your bank account is unable to support your extravagant lifestyle (unless you’re a multi-millionaire on the verge of becoming a multi-billionaire).

What I’d do is go online a few days prior to your cooking schedule. If you haven’t cooked before, and this is your first time, try to find simple, one-pot dishes. Stir-fry noodles and noodle soups are good because you can have a variety of styles. Fried rice (just like what I did above) is just as good, and for the same reason as noodles. Of course, maybe having a variety of noodle and rice dishes might make you a little fed up with it after awhile, but for a start, that’s what you can do. Don’t aim for the stars if you can’t reach for the moon. Don’t expect too much from yourself. Do what you can, and you’ll be fine. Of course, the first meal you make might not be the result you’re hoping for. It’s normal. My first time at the helm of the wok resulted in burnt garlic, overcooked eggs, and soggy noodles. But you’ll get better. I promise!

So do some research online. Try BBC Good Food or Taste Australia. They have a vast online library of recipes from baking to cocktails. Or you could do a search on your favourite chef — Michael Smith from Canada, Jamie Oliver from Britain, Rachael Ray from America, and Curtis Stone from Australia. These are just four of whom I can remember, and I’m pretty sure there are more than these four I’ve mentioned. You can either do a search on the types of cuisine that you’d like to follow in your own country. Or if you are feeling adventurous, you can try out recipes from outside of your comfort zone.

When it comes to cooking in your kitchen, the world is your oyster and nobody can tell you that what you’re doing is wrong. And whatever you do, always remember to go wild, go crazy, have fun and enjoy yourself. Make a mess, who cares? Just be sure to clean up once you’re done. From preparation to washing up, being in the kitchen is the best place to be, regardless of gender!

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  1. Kally says:

    Totally agree!! When I’m too lazy to do my grocery, I’ll just rummage through my fridge and throw everything in a pot either to make soup or stew (depending on my mood) and paired up with a bowl of rice. Voila! Dinner is ready! 🙂

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