Because Sushi, Because Sashimi.

Salmon and tuna sushi and sashimi at Sushi Zanmai. | Photo taken by blog author.
Salmon (sake) and tuna (maguro) sushi and sashimi at Sushi Zanmai. | Photo taken by blog author.

Different people have different ways of dealing with stress. Some people go to bed. Others indulge in a little retail therapy (though, the money spent is hardly ever ‘little’). Some bury their noses in their favourite books (I do that too). Others will bury their faces in exclusive facial spa sessions.

I used to read to escape the harsh penalties of reality. But sometimes my stress levels are too great, that wanting to focus on reading is in itself a chore. So I turned my attention to something else. Something that didn’t need me to do any thinking. Something that, sadly, required me to spend money in order to enjoy its perks.

Sushi. Sashimi. And all things Japanese. I’ve always enjoyed sushi and sashimi as a child, having been introduced to the Japanese cuisine at a young age by my parents. Because it is quite expensive to eat it here in Malaysia, we didn’t always go out to eat at Japanese restaurants. It was always for occasions or special events like birthdays that we would go to one. Also, I didn’t appreciate wasabi until I was much older but I never gave it any second thoughts when someone suggested having Japanese for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. Heck, I could have sushi all day if I wanted to!

As I grew older, sushi gradually became a constant gastronomic companion to me. Whenever I had the opportunity to have it, I’d jump at the chance. Sometimes, I overload on too much sushi that I’d suffer tummy discomfort the next day. But it never stopped me from going back for more. It was my weakness. If sushi was my superhuman abilities, it was also my Kryptonite. My favourite sushi restaurants are Sushi Zanmai, Sushi Tei, and Rakuzen, primarily because all three specialise in serving up fresh and succulent slices of salmon and tuna. Sometimes I have mackerel, butterfish and yellowtail but they are the more premium orders, so I rarely spend that much on them. The thick and juicy orange salmon slices and red, mercurial tuna fish are all I need to make it one happy night. Tuna is referred to as ‘maguro’ in their menus, while salmon can also be known as ‘sake’ (not to be confused with ‘sake’ for Japanese wine).

Last night was one of those stressful nights and I needed my usual dose of sushi and sashimi to make myself feel better. It worked, but as always, stress relievers are only temporary. It will make you feel happy while you’re eating it and immediately after eating it. But once you reach home and get ready for bed and work the next day, you will feel the stress returning to haunt your dreams at night.

It’s haunting me right now, even though it’s during the day and I have a million things to do. There are some things in this world that we can’t avoid, but sometimes these things becomes so great that instead of acknowledging and accepting them, we try to ignore and avoid them, in the hopes that they will go away and leave us alone. Time and time again, it has proven that whatever issues you’re facing will go away but it never stays away. They will leave you for awhile, and then they will come back to haunt you, over and over again. Only time will tell whether you’re able to deal with it or not.

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