Little Bites of Delight.

Mini pancakes and a scoop of ice cream while 'Waking Up in London'. | Photo taken by blog author.
Mini pancakes with honey and ice cream while ‘Waking Up in London’. | Photo taken by blog author.

It is probably not wise to have dessert for dinner but I wasn’t in the right mindset to make a decision. Because I wasn’t hungry when dinnertime arrived and I wasn’t about to rain unnecessary blows on my bowels. I’ve suffered from bloating and tummy discomfort before, especially when I’m not hungry but I’d eat anyway because it’s time for dinner.

So last night, I asked my husband if he was alright with rum raisin ice-cream and mini pancakes for dinner. He was surprised at my request but nevertheless, he said yes. Because I knew rum raisin was his favourite ice-cream flavour. And because I knew he loved pancakes, regardless of size. So we wove our way through traffic and ended up at The Ais in Damansara Uptown. It was a little ice-cream parlour located directly above The Library Coffee Bar. Don’t be fooled by the signboards, though. The person in charge of signboard placement had only one job, and he messed it up by wrongly placing the signboards. They are where they said they would be.

When I mentioned that it was a “little ice-cream parlour”, I was right about it. A small area of the place left about ten tables for patrons to have their cold desserts while enjoying the jazzy numbers and the books that were conveniently loaned to them by The Library Coffee Bar. We chose a table next to the bookshelf as we were both avid readers and loved to have our meals while doing something else (besides playing with our smartphones or talking).

We ordered the mini pancakes with ice-cream and honey (above) and it was the cutest mini pancakes ensemble I have ever seen! It comes with a scoop of ice-cream and honey on the side. The choice of ice-cream flavour is up to you, with the common ones at RM7.90 per scoop and premium ones at RM9.40 per scoop. Compared to Baskin Robbins, New Zealand Natural, and Haagen Dazs, this is rather expensive but they have flavours that you won’t get in those places I mentioned. Think Dragon Fruit, Gula Melaka, Coconut, and Nutella+Guinness (Nut-G). If you stuck with the common flavours like vanilla bean and chocolate, you can get the mini pancakes for RM17.90. But if you decided on splurging because you feel that you deserved some lovin’, then be prepared to fork out a hefty amount because the premium cost of RM9.40 gets added on to the original RM17.90 and the total becomes RM27.30. Which is actually very expensive for a stack of mini pancakes and a scoop of ice cream. Strange concept, yes?

I chose Gula Melaka which was a premium flavour, while my husband went for Rum and Raisin, which also happened to be a premium flavour too! So yes, our bill rose higher than baking soda did for pastries and cakes. Expensive, no doubt about that. But it was worth it. The pancakes were well made, not too crumbly and flat. They were firm, yet soft enough to chew and savour each bite. Each stack of pancakes came with a strawberry, a blueberry, and a chocolate biscuit stick. It was so good (the pancakes and the atmosphere) that we stayed for another hour as we read our books before leaving for the night. I would say that if you’re interested, you could try it out once. And then think about if you want to come back.

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  1. Kally says:

    Oooo.. A place I definitely need to visit after I come back from my trip! Thank you for satisfying my sweet tooth.


    1. Sheu Quen says:

      Hey, no problem! Where did you go for your trip, by the way?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Kally says:

        I’m still on my trip. Lol! Xi’an to see terracotta warriors, then Yan’an to see Mao’s first revolution camp and I’m flying to Shanghai today to visit friends.


      2. Sheu Quen says:

        Wow, China! Cool. Hope you’re having a great time there! And for Windows OS, haha, I’ve learned my lesson on clicking on everything. Now I’m the complete opposite. I won’t click on something unless ten people have clicked on it. LOL!

        Liked by 1 person

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