The Canteen: An Awesome Review.

Customers enjoying their coffees and meals at The Awesome Canteen. | Photo taken by blog author.
The crowd at the Awesome Canteen. | Photo taken by blog author.

My Sunday began just like any other Sunday — oversleeping because I’ve slept far too late on Saturday night. How typical of me. No matter how many times I berate myself for having such awful sleeping habits, you can’t blame me either because I bust my chops on weekdays, sleeping early just so I can wake up early the next day for work. Naturally, I’d sleep in on weekends. But I will admit that waking up at mid day does take half my day away when I could be up and about, doing a million things before lunch.

Nevertheless, my husband and I managed to rouse ourselves awake and shake the cobwebs from our heads. That question bugged us again though: “What shall we have for lunch?” Normally, my husband would go out and buy lunch back but today, I felt like having something different. I felt like going to a new place and trying a new dish. And I wanted a place that served coffee. And I decided to try this new cafe, ‘Awesome Canteen’, that we passed by last night on our way to dinner with my family in Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya.

A cloud of human chatter greeted us as we made our grand entrance. The brown wooden interior met our slippered feet, and a chorus of “Hi, welcome!” from the cafe owners. We chose a table and were given a menu each. The rule is that you decide what you want and clear the order with the cashier, together with the bill. Self-service, that’s what it’s called. And we waited. The atmosphere was inviting, the retro-cum-vintage interior decoration was sparse but tasteful enough to be admired up-close and from afar. There were large wooden frames housing various photos, a vintage typewrite and an old telephone that we used to dial instead of pressing buttons, all on the counter itself. There were other customers who were already there, enjoying their meals and coffee and very immersed in their conversations with one another. It was packed, yes, but not too crowded. Thankfully.

My 'Roast Chicken Pesto with Melted Cheese' sandwich at The Awesome Canteen. | Photo taken by blog author.
‘Roast Chicken Pesto & Melted Cheese’ sandwich at The Awesome Canteen. | Photo taken by blog author.

Our food arrived within minutes of one another, with the coffees reaching us first. I had a cappuccino and a ‘Roast Chicken Pesto with Melted Cheese’ sandwich with roasted tomatoes and a side of french fries. The cappuccino was crisp, with a slight milky layer stirred in with the caffeine. As for the sandwich, it was the best thing I’ve ever eaten! It was a bit like the burger at KGB, messy, but not to the point of soaking my fingers and buns. The sandwich was homemade, using white or walnut bread and toasted to perfection. In between each slice of bread was the roast chicken, melted cheese and roasted tomatoes, all slathered with a decent amount of pesto sauce and black pepper. Each bite tasted like heaven, I savoured and chewed each mouthful slowly, carefully, as if afraid to taint the food. In fact, it is more “finger-licking good” than KFC! The pesto sauce dribbled down my fingers and mouth but it was worth every drip! I think the fries should be substituted with salad instead. It would have completed the entire meal as a healthy one.

Overall, the Awesome Canteen (official Facebook page / TimeOut KL write-up) came with an awesome atmosphere, awesome interior decoration, awesome service, and awesome food. Remember the song from The LEGO Movie? Yeah, everything was indeed awesome about this place. What I liked about the place were the friendly and prompt service, and retro decoration. Despite the place being packed with people, and that all the food and drinks in the menu were homemade, yet you still get your food on time before you turn into a savage and ravenous monster. Retro decor always had a place in my heart, so seeing it in person makes me feel even better about the place. In the end, having lunch at a new cafe joint within our Petaling Jaya neighbourhood turned out to be the best decision ever!

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