KGB: A Killer Burger Review.

KGB: Killer Gourmet Burger. A stamp of approval. | Photo by blog author.
A “stamp of approval” by KGB: Killer Gourmet Burger at Mid Valley Megamall. | Photo taken by the blog author.

In case you’re wondering, yes, KGB happens to be the name of this hipster burger joint that recently mushroomed all around Klang Valley, starting with a branch I believe in Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur. Or so I think, seeing as I grew up in that neighbourhood and that was the first place where I spotted the burger joint. And yes, KGB is also the abbreviation of the Komitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopasnosti or easily known as ‘intelligence and internal security agency of the former Soviet Union founded in 1954’.

However, this version of KGB is harmless. It actually stands for ‘Killer Gourmet Burgers‘, and while its name sounds like it might want to murder you, perhaps it just wants to drown you in a heady goodness of its moist and juicy burger menu.

My husband and I finally had the opportunity to have this for dinner one day, not because we ran out of options but because we’ve never tried it before. After all, what harm could come out this? At most, we’d hate it. But it never hurts to try something new once in awhile. So we did. The dark brown interior of the wooden floorboards and walls beckoned to us to come hither and browse its menu. A long list of burger variations met our sights, beginning with the chicken patties and ending with the beefy ones. Some were given a saucy introduction, others were more subdued and probably appealed more to the likes of vegans and vegetarians. We made our orders with the cashier lady, included a ‘Brown Cow‘ beverage of a Root Beer Float, and took a seat.

There were not many patrons at the restaurant so we didn’t have to wait long. My husband’s ‘Animal Burger‘ arrived at its destination ahead of my ‘Tornado Chicken‘. The ‘Animal Burger‘ came with a beef patty, cooked to medium rare, covered with a layer of melted cheese and packed between two soft buns. My ‘Tornado Chicken‘ was all decked out with onion rings and a sunny-side-up fried egg, both on top a grilled chicken patty, slapped in between two soft buns. Both burgers were subjected to the ‘KGB stamp of approval‘ on them. And then, it was time to dig in.

The chicken and beef patties were juicy and succulent, and were cooked to perfection. The beef patty was just the right balance of being cooked and kept its slightly raw redness. The chicken patty was grilled just right, not too tough nor dry and flaky. The sauces provided a tasteful mess that dribbled down the sides of your burgers, hands and mouths. I’d say, this is similar to Subway. Never come here on your first date unless both of you are a fan of messy eating. No matter how many serviettes you grab before eating, they are not enough to wipe up the mess you made. I only had one comment to make, and that was with the burger buns. They were so sauce-absorbent that they lost their shapes and grip, and became a flatbed of liquid-soaked sponges. It was really hard to eat towards the end of our meals. Otherwise, the whole fiesta was a pretty decent session and worth the attempt (and effort).

KGB does not have an official website (not that I’m aware of) but they do have an official Facebook page, and a decent write-up by TimeOut KL. Check them out in these two sites, and if you have the gall to get down and dirty with your hands, gather some friends and have a meal at their KGB ‘mess hall‘.

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