You Can’t “Flea” From It.

Disclaimer: Due to the excessive graphic illustrations of fleas and flea bites, I have decided not to upload an image for the following post, for concerns of shock upon viewing it. Also, I don’t particularly like seeing such horrible things on my WordPress blog. But I hope you enjoy the post anyway 😀

I hope y’all aren’t too bummed out that today’s post won’t have an image tacked to it. It is only because I’m going to talk about fleas and flea bites. No doubt these little critters aren’t as gross as cockroaches (I hate roaches more than fleas, by the way), but there aren’t any “safe” images of fleas that I can find that won’t send a shiver up and down my spine.

I believe my home is currently facing an infestation of fleas. Not because I have a cat (though, the issue may have stemmed from there) but there are other residents in the condo where I’m living who also have pets (mostly cats and small dogs) and the fleas could have come from them. My husband and I initially thought that we may have played hosts to bed bugs from a hotel that we stayed in during our weekend to Genting Highlands. But it seems the problem has festered and multiplied. From a few bites, I now have quite a number, all limited to the areas around my ankles on both legs. And judging from what I’ve been suffering in my predicament lately, I might have levelled up greatly on my ‘Willpower’ achievement bar too! You RPG / MMORPG game junkies will understand this part.

We have since sent our poor cat to the vet’s for a thorough de-flea-ing check-up and other miscellaneous medical vaccinations. We have also changed our bedsheets, washed the towels and vacuumed the carpet. We are also in the midst of sending our blankets to the laundromat for vigorous wash-and-dry cleaning. Let’s see, what else do we have left to do? Oh yes, we are also in the middle of “cleansing” ourselves. We have stocked up on antihistamines, hydrocortisone ointments, and tea tree oil. All we need are antiseptic soap and ice-cold compresses (to wash the bitten areas and alleviate itch and pain, respectively). Did we leave anything out?

An alternative to cold compresses is a room-ful of freezing air-conditioning. For some reason, the cold soothes the itch so when I found that out (I’ve had this skin allergy problem caused by insect bites for a long time now, so it’s nothing new to me, but it’s still very frustrating when I have it), I locked myself up in my bedroom with the air-cond temperature at 20 degrees Centigrade and fan-speed 3, plus the stand fan at speed 1 pointing at my feet while I’m decked out in my husband’s Star Trek jumper (because my upper torso can’t stand too much cold air). So here I am, suffering for the sake of suffering.

Thankfully, my office air-conditioning is strong enough to soothe my itchy feet. My only problem begins when I step out of the office, into the hot and humid atmosphere, just so I can have my lunch and not go hungry. Is there anything else that I’d need to relieve these symptoms? Anyone? I’m open to suggestions right now. Besides what I’ve mentioned, that is.

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