Secondhand for Sale.

No use for your old junk? Then have a yard sale and sell them off! | Photo by Southern Belle Simple.
No use for your old junk? Then have a yard sale and sell them off! | Photo by Southern Belle Simple.

When you find your house overflowing with items that you no longer have the use for, you realise that you need an outlet for these things. They are taking up space at home. They are just sitting there idle and looking pretty while gathering dust. They could very well be the root of your mother’s constant nagging!

When should you sell? Well, when you have fallen out of love with your bicycle. Or, when you find that you no longer need to keep the books that you’ve read. How about when you upgrade your smartphone and need relevant accessories to suit that new model and don’t need the old accessories anymore? The list is endless. Don’t be a hoarder. Sharing is caring, so share these items with other people. They may have the need or want for your items, after all. Because one man’s trash could very well be another man’s treasure!

That’s what I realised today. I have a lot of things in my condo that I no longer have the need for. It is pointless for me to keep them and fool myself into thinking that I will find a need for them one day. Why should I, when for the past 5 months, I barely thought about them in the first place (yes, I have a rule for myself that if I don’t think of something for 5 months means I don’t need that thing anymore)! So I approached a few friends, and asked if they knew a place, any place, that I could sell to people who were interested in buying them. And you know what? I found it. I found the right place to sell my things as secondhand items to interested parties.

Enter: Carousell. After a recommendation from three friends, I must say that Carousell is a good online location for me to offload things that I no longer have use for but may be useful and appropriate for others. Do have a look at it and try it out for yourself. It is easy to use. Just sign up for an account, fill up your profile information and start selling! Happy vending!

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  1. Ananya Aishwarya says:

    nice piece…great writing !!!

    check out my blogs too, n follow plz..


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