Food Review: Big Bob Burgers and Coffee.

Big burger revolution, only at Big Bob's Burgers and Coffee. | Photo by Big Bob's Burgers and Coffee Facebook.
Big Bob’s burger revolution, only at Big Bob’s Burgers & Coffee. | Photo by Big Bob @ Facebook.

Want to start a revolution? Here, have a burger. Not just any burger. Have a Big Bob’s burger! Because it’s so big, one is enough. No, seriously. Just ask my husband. He had one and he was as satisfied as King Midas and his golden touch. I think we’ve mentioned ‘burger’ and one too many times in this paragraph alone.

What shall we have for dinner tonight?” is a question that weighs heavily on our minds every day after we get home from work. Shall we have it out? Shall I cook tonight? Should we have sushi? We haven’t had Chinese in awhile. What about roti canai (Malaysian flat bread) and teh tarik (pulled tea)? Oh, the questions are endless. It is frustrating because we live in a multi-racial nation which means we have an abundance of food and a wide variety to choose from. Yet, we still have this dilemma, day in, day out.

So since I needed to do the grocery shopping for the month, we decided to try this new place at Atria Shopping Mall called Big Bob’s Burgers and Coffee (that’s the one up there in the photo). They don’t have a functioning website, so their Facebook page will have to do if you want to check them out (click their name to get to their page). Now when it comes to a restaurant with no one in it except the service staff, you know that something ain’t right. Where are the patrons? Why isn’t anyone eating there? Oh my God, is it a bad restaurant? Will the food be good? Will the waiter even remember my food? Yeah, those were the questions floating around in our heads. Because there was nobody there except for the service crew. And the cashier. But hey, you wouldn’t know until you’ve tried it out, right?

And so we did. Let’s just say, we did not have a single regret eating at an empty restaurant. Let me count the ways for you. It’s not many. Just a few.

Upon entering the establishment, you make your way to the counter to log in your order with the cashier and pay for your meals before taking your seat. The service crew may appear a little dense to you because after ordering, your drinks come first. And then you wait for what seemed like an eternity before your food arrives. In terms of serving you, they are quite prompt. But in terms of waiting for your food, it seems as if the chef is the Lone Ranger multitasking in the kitchen — chasing a chicken on horseback while trying to set the fries in the fryer and flip the beef patties for your burger. My order didn’t take very long but my husband had to wait quite awhile before his order arrived.

But when the food comes to you, oh boy, it not only looks so fine but it smells so heavenly and tastes so good! I’m not kidding. I ordered a spaghetti with grilled chicken (not mentioned in the menu above but can be found on their Facebook page) and my husband ordered The Combo (No. 4 on the menu above) burger that comes with sausages, beef bacon and a beef patty neatly lodged between two buns and tidied up with a tomato slice, Romaine lettuce and onion rings. Not to mention, the mustard, the chilli sauce and the barbecue sauce slathered in between all those stuffings! Am I making you hungry yet?

It is unfortunate that I don’t have any photos to accompany my post today, especially since it is about food and it is a food review. But if you clicked their name, it will take you to their Facebook page and you can see the photos of food and their menus too! It is enough to make you want to try them too!

My spaghetti was fine-tuned right down to the last piece of chopped thyme. The chicken slices were grilled to perfection. Some places tend to overdo the chicken, causing it to dry up and come out looking parched, stringy and flaky. But this one was cooked with just the right amount of heat and flame. The spaghetti was al dente (my favourite condition for spaghetti noodles to be in), not too oily and not too spicy since it was bathed in olive oil and had chilli flakes sprinkled on. It was so yummy I mopped up every bit of it. If I could, I’d have licked my plate clean too! My only pet peeve was the chopped sauteed mushrooms. Perhaps the chef wasn’t feeling generous that night, so he only added in a few pieces, which I could count with one hand.

Thankfully, my husband’s Combo burger was just as good so the restaurant is pardoned. The beef was tender and juicy, especially since the whole burger had a ménage à trois of sauces dripping down the edges of the buns. I’d say that the burger was a bit big to fit into a woman’s mouth, or for anyone who eats delicately. Furnished with so many ingredients and condiments, the price to pay for that burger is worth every cent.

We left the restaurant, content and satisfied. And vowed to return another time to try something else. For us to think that way means the place has done well and will remain that way until they mess up. Gah, writing this post has made me hungry already. And it’s not even lunch time yet.

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