Of Art and Coffee in Genting Highlands.

Over the weekend, my husband and I made our way up to a place called Genting Highlands with a free room registered by my mum after collecting enough Genting Rewards points through her endless trips up to their casinos. We left on Friday afternoon, checked in at 3:00pm and spent the rest of the day roaming the highlands for dinner and enjoyed a Dark Caramel Latte at Starbucks in the Maxims Hotel. The three photos below depict the Greek-inspired and intricately designed interior of the Maxims Hotel.

Thus began our little rendezvous on Friday night and the whole of Saturday. It was crowded, no doubt, with foreign tourists from all over the world jetting in by the busloads. These tourists were mostly from the Middle Eastern countries, China and Singapore. With our Ringgit Malaysia dipping below the safety zone, foreigners coming to spend their money here is a boon for us. A bane to the locals because prices have increased and things were now considerably expensive, but holidaymakers bring their currencies to our country to spend, so hopefully it will also boost our economy. Even if it’s just by a small margin.

IMG_20150926_170503The highlight of our weekend is Maxims Hotel in Genting Highlands. For those who have not been to Malaysia, let me tell you what Genting Highlands is all about. It was an idea hatched by the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong who wanted to provide a package to holidaymakers in the form of a hill resort with entertainment located near Kuala Lumpur. It began with only a handful of hotels built atop the mountains then known as Gunung Ulu Kali (or Mount Ulu Kali). As the years went by, more development took place and now, there are at least five to six hotels all under the Genting name.

IMG_20150926_170033The Maxims Hotel was once known as the Highlands Hotel many years ago. Why they changed the name to Maxims Hotel, I have no way of telling, but it just feels strangely coincidental that they should share the same name as the unlucky Highland Towers in Ulu Kelang that collapsed in December 1993. Perhaps they did not want to be associated with bad luck or negativity.

IMG_20150926_170155 It was an eye-opener that turned us into honest tourists, both the local and foreign visitors. Everyone could be seen whipping out their latest tech gadgets to capture the beauty of the hotel. The thick pillars and columns holding up the checkered ceilings. The Greek playmakers and statues, with one even of Medusa on the face of a shield. There were many areas and sections of which two were blocked off for VIP and Gold Cardholders. The other areas for visitors mainly led to restaurants and the lobby where tourists can book a room or two for the night or more.

What I liked about the Maxims wasn’t so much of their decoration. It was because there was a Starbucks outlet located at the corner of the hotel just opposite the lobby which was slightly bigger compared to the other outlets located in the other hotels and had decent space for patrons to enjoy their drinks inside (to escape avid smokers) or outside while people-watching. It was a good weekend getaway for us — my first since starting work at my current company, although we had to fight with the crowds just to get to where we wanted to go. Food-wise was a little challenging to obtain due to the prices that were slightly higher than usual. One had to either eat fast food for most of their meals or fork out a little bit more just to have a decent and balanced meal.

On another note, I’m on Cloud 9 after learning that Arsenal went on a goalscoring spree after scoring five goals against Leicester City, who managed to score 2 goals through Jamie Vardy. Arsenal might have gotten back to their winning ways after Alexis Sanchez scored a hattrick with Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud also getting their names on the scoresheet. It certainly feels good to be back. Especially after their victory over Spurs in the midweek Capital One Cup match with Mathieu Flamini scoring both goals.

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