A Visit to the Vet.


Having a pet is the most wonderful thing in your life, because now you have something to share your happiness with (not so much your food since pets don’t normally eat human food) and technically, your life with too. But the problem starts when you want to go on a holiday.

For those staying with their families or have housemates, finding someone to look after your pet is not an issue. But if you stay alone or far from anyone you know, finding someone to look after your pet can be a bit of a challenge.

So we took to looking for pet hotels or pet boarding places that will take on our cat for the weekend. Usually my cousin will do it for us but she won’t be around this weekend either. So we have to find some place to leave our cat while we go away. We did find one, eventually. But then we were required to bring along our cat’s vaccination chart and make sure it has no fleas.

Hmmm… The vaccination chart isn’t a problem. But after a visit to the vet, we discovered that our cat has fleas! Oh no! A jab and a spray later, we’re hoping that he’ll be fine before we bring him over to the pet boarding.

So now we can have our holiday, and our little one can have a holiday too! Where he will have his own cubicle to sleep in with a red fluffy pillow and a personal attached toilet. Not bad. He might actually enjoy himself there and probably not want to come back either!

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  1. Kally says:

    Enjoy your holiday!!

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    1. Sheu Quen says:

      Thanks, Kally! 😀

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