Football Update: Three-Match Bans.

Arsenal's Gabriel Paulista and Chelsea's Diego Costa square off during the match at Stamford Bridge. | Photo by Bleacher Report.
Gabriel and Diego Costa square off during the match at Stamford Bridge. | Photo by Bleacher Report.

Is this a good time to say ‘case closed’? Will this be the end of the face-off or is it just the beginning? Here’s what transpired over the past three days and the result is as such. What I think of the whole fiasco is at the end of my post.

UK Football Association:

Chelsea’s Diego Costa has been served with a three-match ban by the UK Football Association for his act of violent conduct during the match at Stamford Bridge last weekend against Arsenal. His actions involved raking Laurent Koscielny in the face (twice), provoking Gabriel Paulista and baiting him to react (though, I still stand my ground that Gabriel should have just walked away after being booked the first time) and having other altercations with the other Arsenal players. Arsenal’s Gabriel Paulista has also been punished by the FA with a three-match ban for failing to control his actions and temper and for reacting unnecessarily to Costa’s provocation, while Arsenal FC and Chelsea FC have been punished as well for failing to control their players. Both players and clubs have until 6:00pm Tuesday (UK time) to reply to the FA charges.” More on Edition @

Author’s Opinions:

On one end of the spectrum, Diego Costa played as though he wanted to prove a point that if you want to win, you have to play dirty and to your advantage. I think he will do just fine as a downright dirty and corrupted politician. On the other end, if Gabriel had just walked away after being yellow carded, he would have spared himself the punishment and spared his club a 2-0 loss. For bullies like Costa, it puts a smile on their faces to see you react to their taunts and tricks. I know it’s easier said than done, but if you turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to their nonsense behaviour, it would actually spite them more and could likely turn the tables against them instead.

The FA also punished both clubs for failing to control their players on the field. Since this was the case, why was it so difficult to punish both players during the match and have them both sent off instead? Now that we’ve come to a closure (hopefully), I highly doubt that tension will ease off the club managers. With this matter at large, Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho now have an even more intense rivalry than before. Looks like Wenger has found a new foe in Mourinho to spar with and can finally leave Sir Alex Ferguson alone now. Also, would Mourinho like to try Ferguson’s famous ‘hair dryer treatment‘ for his players? Maybe they’d behave better on the field.

Here’s an update for all the Arsenal fans out there! Gabriel’s red card has been rescinded. Hooray! But it doesn’t change the fact that we still lost the match to Chelsea. On the bright side, hooray!

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