A Domino Effect.

Arsenal's Tomas Rosicky is booked by referee Mike Dean during the match against Chelsea at the Emirates stadium. | AP Photo by Alistair Grant.
Arsenal’s Tomas Rosicky is booked by referee Mike Dean during the match against Chelsea at the Emirates stadium. Date: Monday, December 13, 2013, | AP Photo by Alistair Grant.

Look, even in the licensed photo that I dug out from Google Images shows the same referee Mike Dean booking Arsenal’s Tomas Rosicky for a foul during a match against Chelsea in December 2013. It is not a coincidence that Dean is somewhat biased towards the Gunners and probably has a thing for Chelsea. I wonder if he goes to have tea and crumpets at Roman Abramovich’s home just to discuss who should he book when Chelsea plays Arsenal next.

You know how dominoes work, don’t you? Line them up as far as it goes and when you knock one down, it falls against the rest and causes a flow of fallen dominoes right until the very end. This is what is happening now. Arsenal fans have taken to running an online petition and unleashed their wrath against the referee Mike Dean. The petition has been organized to prevent Mike Dean from refereeing another match between Arsenal and Chelsea. Do you think they’re being rash and unwise in their move? Again, depends on whose side you’re on. For me, well, I’d have to say that I did sign that petition. Not so much of removing Mike Dean as a referee but perhaps, yes, move him to other matches maybe? Don’t referee another match between Arsenal and Chelsea because we don’t want another repeat of red-card incidents that will go unnoticed (unless you’re wearing a blue jersey and you come from Stamford Bridge).

For more information on the petition, read here —> Petition to Ban Mike Dean.

Jose Mourinho may have a few choice words for his managerial counterpart, Arsene Wenger, but the truth prevails. If Diego Costa has done wrong, he should be punished for it. And when I say punish, I mean one that would make the club think twice about allowing devils to run riot on the field. Dock the club off points that would push them lower down the Premier League table. Drop a hefty fine on the club. Limit their spending ability or ban them from participating in the next transfer window. Be serious about it. It is not football if players are allowed to make their own decisions and get away with it (especially decisions that have undesirable circumstances). Fans want to enjoy a football match. Not get strung up over teams who make stupid decisions and play like their lives depended on it. You’re not going to get brain cancer and die if you lost the match.

If Arsenal are thought to have a long-standing rivalry with Manchester United, now they’re about to start one with Chelsea. I thought Manchester United were made up of divers and cheats. I think Chelsea may have dethroned them of those titles.

Disclaimer: If there are any Manchester United or Chelsea fans among my readers, my apologies if my post offended you. But I did already state that my posts are mostly my opinions. Feel free to disagree if you must. But be diplomatic about it. Thanks.

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  1. lfcfan00 says:

    Yeah, get what you’re saying, but you would have to argue that many referees fail to punish Costa for blatent offences, not just Mike Dean.


    1. Sheu Quen says:


      Yes, you have a point there. It’s just that for every match that Mike Dean has ever refereed for Arsenal and Chelsea, each time Costa sins, he somehow gets away with it while the other players whose fouls only deserve a warning end up with a red card. Unless we’re talking about Diego Costa vs. Every Other EPL Club, then yes, I suppose the other referees will come under fire for not punishing Costa either.

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