Of Jazz and Feel-Good Fridays.

I've got 'endless possibilities' with Nicholas Cole's version of jazz. | Photo by Amazon.com.
I have recently discovered ‘endless possibilities’ of jazz with Nicholas Cole. | Photo by Amazon.com.

Thank God it’s Friday, people! Aren’t you glad it’s finally the weekend again? Unless you’re a workaholic and are married to your career… Well, there are those types too, and even then, they still find weekends the best time to get some networking done and connect over a round of golf or two. The best time for golf and a pack of ciggies are weekends.

I finally took my medical leave yesterday, and I feel so much better today. I feel healthier, stronger and can most likely think clearer today too. The hazy situation is still as bad, I doubt it will go away anytime soon. So today, I’m back at my workstation, clearing out my unread emails, getting some work done. And all the while, I’m listening to some jazz. I never liked jazz much when I was younger. I thought they were slow and sloth-like. Always ready to make me sleep. But then I also realised that there are many different versions of jazz! There’s the Norah Jones kind of jazz. There’s the classic jazz and the fusion jazz and oh wow, I just found a long list of jazzy genres on this website — A Passion for Jazz! I’m not a diehard jazz fan so I won’t be able to tell the difference. But I do know that I quite like the jazzy version played by one Nicholas Cole.

From what I understand, Nicholas Cole’s jazz is called ‘smooth jazz’. It does sound rather smooth and silky to my ears. Apparently, this young jazz wonder is only 18 years old (the last I discovered upon doing my research on him) when he wrote and produced all the material in his jaw-dropping and head-turning debut for his ‘Endless Possibilities’ album. Critics were quick to bring up the maturity of his playing and his knack for crafting out strong hooks and compelling melodies that don’t match his young age. ‘Endless Possibilities’ was the first album that I found on YouTube when I was looking for some jazz tunes to listen to. And you know, I’m really hooked for sure because of the feel of his songs. It’s like an expensive piece of silky, satiny lingerie, the fabric is so smooth and crease-less that it slips right out of your grasp when you pick it up.

He’s teamed up with some of the genre’s finest players, such as Steve Cole, Steve Oliver, Tim Bowman and a cameo from another emerging young talent bassist Julian Vaughn. His ‘Endless Possibilities’ album proves that there is more than just a faint pulse in Contemporary Jazz, but that his young blood is coursing through his veins and brings with it a new sense of excitement. With the strength of titles like ‘Between Us’, ‘Please Don’t Say No’ and ‘Snap’, these tunes should easily find their way into a radio playlist near you and firmly establish Nicholas Cole as a first call player and producer as he takes his place as leader of the charge of generation next. My favourite numbers from him so far is ‘5th Avenue’ and ‘Just One Night’. But I have yet to uncover the rest of his talent and download the rest of his songs.

More about this young jazz prodigy can be found here — The Smooth Jazz Ride.


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