Like, Share, Reach. Repeat.

'Like' what you see? Then 'reach' out and 'engage' with us on Facebook! | Photo by
Like what you see? Don’t just share it. Reach out and engage with us on Facebook! | Photo by Binkd.

Did you just see what I did there? Read the tagline in the image above. Now there’s a catchphrase you don’t see very often. Use all the words that relate to Facebook engagement and you’ll get a very social media motto for your marketing means.

It has always been about reaching out. Reach out to your loved ones. Reach out to those who need help. Reach out to the person nearest to you and say something to make their day. See how ‘reaching out’ works for every situation you’re in. Nowadays, it’s all about reaching out to grow your social media status and increase your fan base.

But how does one reach out? And once you’ve reached out, what happens next? How do you measure it? What constitutes as ‘good reach’ anyway?

|| Reach Out.

Questions. Always with the questions. Asking the right questions will get you somewhere. From what I’ve learnt so far (mind you, I’m new to Social Media, so pardon me if I don’t get things right the first time), you can start reaching out by uploading compelling posts that resonate well with your audience. Posts that give meaning to one’s life. Posts that are educational and insightful. Posts that provide your fans with assistance, such as helpful tips and useful pieces of information are great to begin with. Life hacks, how-to steps on investment and personal budget management, bullet lists on home decoration. The suggestions are endless! Just think about how you’d want your friendly neighbourhood plumber to teach you how to fix your leaky faucets, now you put that in words for your fans to read!

|| Measure It.

Once you’ve got these up, measure it. You want to know how well you’ve done with your posts. You want to know if you’ve done the right thing and attracted the right attention. Now is the time to see how well you’re doing. Your Facebook Insights will give you all that you need to know. From the Insights tab, you will find the Overview tab which shows you pretty much the overall performance of your Facebook page. Dig deeper and you will find other tabs that will take you to your page likes, reach, visits, top performing and not-performing posts, videos and people. Take whatever information you need from there and draw up daily and monthly reports. You will need a daily report to see how your posts are doing, and you will need the monthly ones to see how your page is doing compared to the previous months (and if you need to, how to improve performance for the upcoming months too!).

|| Know What’s Good For You.

When you’ve gotten into a groove that suits you, you will know when are the right times to post, what are the right posts to put up, and who to post for. WHEN should you post? Definitely not in the wee hours of the morning when most of the world is asleep. Take into consideration the differences in time zones, and find a balance. You can’t serve your posts to everyone, and it’s better to serve to some than to serve to no one. WHAT should you post? Remember, you are posting for your audience. Your posts should be easy to read and digest. Stuff like punchy lines, short paragraphs, bullet points, and anecdotes. You want your audience to say, “Ah, this stuff is great! He / She makes it sound so easy!” WHO should you post for? Well, this is a tricky one. It depends on what you want to post. Are you an entrepreneur selling ideas that can help save the world? Then your audience would most likely be world activists and environmentalists. Dabbling in the food and beverage industry? Then your audience are patrons at your restaurant and food junkies.

My advice to you is: “Match your interests to the content of your posts and hit the right joint. Do the right thing at the right time, and you’ll get the results you want. But be warned, getting things right don’t happen overnight. You’ll need to have faith and be patient with yourself.

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