Growing Up Pains.

Kids these days grow up so fast, beams this proud mama cat. | Photo taken by author.
“Kids these days grow up so fast,” beams this one proud ‘mama cat’. | Photo taken by author.

Here’s yet another short blog post dedicated to my cat, Loki. We have no idea what breed he is since he was a rescued kitty. Probably a mix breed considering that his mother was a stray cat herself. We have no idea what happened to his brothers and sisters either. Hopefully they were rescued and given loving homes too. But for a rescued cat, he’s doing fine.

It’s been more than a month since we last took him in from my friend. When he first came here, he was a small and frightened feline. Unsure of this new place after being with my friend for so long, he attempted to investigate and inspect our condo. He went into the bedrooms and sniffed about in the kitchen. He even squeezed himself into tight spots and spaces, behind our television cabinet and leather sofas. Once he was satisfied that he would be safe here as well, his cheekiness showed itself.

He’s five months now, which means in a few weeks time, we’ll have to bring him to the vet to get him neutered. Yes, I know some of you will have your reasons not to remove his manhood. I have received concerns from friends that it’s wrong to neuter him. But given that we are not looking forward to him marking his territory around our condo, and that we’re not going to let him out of the house either for him to roam around and sow his seeds elsewhere, we might as well do what other cat lover friends have advised us to do. My apologies to readers who think otherwise, but mind you, this is our cat. Call me what you will but the decision to do what we feel is right for our cat lies with us. However, I thank you for whatever thoughts you might have.

Just look at how regal and royal he looks right now. Perched atop my husband’s lap, probably wondering how he got up there and how the hell was he going to get down. Oh, it was so difficult to get him to pose!


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