Beat Monday Blues with Brownies.

Chocolate brownies to the rescue! | Photo by Guys and Good Health.
Oven-baked chocolate brownies with crispy crust layer to the rescue! | Photo by Guys and Good Health.

Let’s be honest, shall we? — I didn’t have a good weekend. There, I said it. The reason why I didn’t have a good weekend was because I foolishly promised my manager that I’d get back to her on a few tasks that had been left on the back-burner for a week. I foolishly assumed that I’d get some much-needed peace and quiet over the weekend to clear my backlogged tasks. What made me think I could actually work on weekends, I’m not entirely sure.

By the time I woke up this morning, I realised that I didn’t get my desired reading R&R on Saturday and Sunday, and that my brain did not get a chance to shut down and regenerate itself. By the time my alarm rang this morning, it felt as though I was working all through out the week from Monday to Sunday. I’m not sure how other people can do it, but I sure as hell can’t and I’m never going to volunteer working on weekends again!

Groggy and grumpy, with slight tummy discomfort, I dragged my feet to the car anyway. I didn’t have a solid reason to skip work today, so I decided I’d go in anyway. Thankfully my husband was free to send me to work today so I needn’t have to worry about parking woes and timing. We arrived at McDonald’s near my workplace and decided to sit down and have some coffee. Usually the smell of freshly roasted Arabica coffee beans would jolt my senses awake. This time, it didn’t work. My mind was flat out of order… until I saw a trio of chocolate brownies sitting pretty in their place behind the glass counter. I bet they were plotting on making a journey down my throat and into my stomach! If they could talk, they’d persuade me to buy ALL of them!

No, I only bought one. Oh, but that one slice was just heavenly! Drizzled with chocolate sauce and fresh out of the oven, it was steaming hot and melted in mouth! Perfect start to my morning. Hence, the cure to my Monday blues is a small, hot latte and a slice of chocolate brownie. Ah, paradise!

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