Which Social Media Are You?

What if we were social networks, who would you be? | Photo by Ads of the World.
Vanichi Magazine: What if guys were social networks? Who would YOU be? | Photo by Ads of the World.

Like my husband said to me last night, social media exploded onto the scene of the World Wide Web just when youngsters of the latest Net Generation were born. This only means that those born after the Generation X or Y will be very well-read with smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers, and all other things tech-related.

Is this how our world is moving towards in the near future? Do you like what you’re seeing now? Kids having meals with their families but instead of sharing a heart-to-heart conversation, their faces are glued to the small rectangular screens, hastily typing out a message to their friends before their tiger mothers and disciplinarian fathers bark orders to them to put their tech toys away.

I was like that once upon a time. In fact, I actually devised a way to continue texting friends despite being at the dinner table! Back when technology was still new, we had mobile phone brands like Sony Ericsson and Nokia where a mobile phone front surface was shared between a screen (on top) and a keyboard (at the bottom). It was hard enough squinting at the screen and trying to see what you typed, imagine having to do it under the table so you can get your messaging done while having half-baked conversations with your relatives. Yep, that’s what I did. I taught myself to memorise the placement of each button and how many times one needed to press a button to get the letter you wanted. It was tough. But doable. Even then, though, I still received an earful from my mother for trying to sneak in ways to text at the dinner table. Well, rules were meant to be broken, right?

Anyway… At times like this today, it’s not easy prying your daughter from her mushy exchanges with her crush or your son from his endless game-achievement levels. If you’re successful, share the secret with me. Not that I have kids, but I can let my friends in on your secret.

So now that we have social media at our fingertips, what happens next? Companies start hiring you to manage their social media platforms. Friends start bombing you with Facebook and Twitter requests. New parents overwhelm their followers with photos of their firstborn children. Your over-protective parents can’t stop checking up on you for each minute that passes your given curfew. And then you have the husband who won’t stop sharing cat photos with you. Yeah, my husband does that.

Social media is slowly taking over our lives. Everyone is so socially adept online that nobody knows quite well how to be socially offline. Except for our parents and the generations before us. Speaking of which, what do you do when the people you work for are not as socially adaptable as we are? From what I know, you have to be social on social media to attract the attention of the younger generation. How are you going to convince them that to be good at social media, you have to embrace the social status and be creative and generous?

So… If you could be a social media platform, which would you choose?

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  1. Kally says:

    This is so true. Nowadays, I see the whole family out for a dinner in a restaurant, not talking to each other, rather everyone is immersed in their mobiles.

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    1. Sheu Quen says:

      Yes, it is a pity that this will be the new future. Where young adults are more comfortable socialising online than offline. My cousin probably has more online friends than he has for real offline friends! 😀

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      1. Kally says:

        Yeah, my cousin actually go on dates “online”. I caught her dressing up and applying make up one day, so I asked her where’s she going and she replied “I’m having a date online in 5 mins.”

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      2. Sheu Quen says:

        Um, I’m actually guilty as charged there. That’s how I met my husband. We were strangers before adding each other as friends on Facebook. It was a very risky decision on my part, though. Thankfully nothing bad happened to me. Did your cousin’s date go well?

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      3. Kally says:

        Such a coincidence! I met mine on an app. Haha! Small world. But I didn’t do the dating online unlike my cousin who dates via Skype. My cousin is now physically dating the guy now. Haha. I noticed that you’re from Malaysia? Which part? Because I reside in KL.

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      4. Sheu Quen says:

        Haha, really? It wasn’t a dating app, was it? 😀 Yes, I am from Malaysia. I’m currently residing in Kelana Jaya now. I used to live with my parents in Bangsar but I moved out after I got married.

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      5. Kally says:

        Haha. Bingo! Guilty as charged. But I’m glad I gave flirt app a chance. I’m not familiar with Kelana Jaya as I’m from Singapore, just relocated up here. But I do know Bangsar and its delicious food there… Speaking of which, I’m hungry…..

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