Working on Weekends.

Working hard this weekend, despite having worked hard during the week. | Photo by Bloomberg Business.
Working hard this weekend despite having worked hard during the week. | Photo by Bloomberg Business.

We’ve all suffered our pubescent years of primary and secondary school (junior and high school for others), gone through love and heartache in college, and graduated with honours and flying colours from university for just one reason — to get a job. A good job, while you’re at it, just so your job can provide for you financially. In return, you get job satisfaction, pride and dignity, and money to travel and buy all the books, coffee, sushi, H&M, and what-have-you’s in the world. Yeah, we’ve all been there, done that.

But wait, what happens AFTER you’ve gotten your dream job and started working for your company?

This is what is happening to me now. I’ve landed a somewhat dreamy job, started working for a company I never expected to work for, and have the most supportive manager in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I do somewhat love my job. I enjoy doing what I’m doing now. But this is where the blurred lines begin (to quote Robin Thicke)…

During the week, I wake up early just to leave the house early and be at the car park early and get a good parking spot. I bust my chops all day only to go home tired and sleepy and so totally not in the mood to do anything else. At nights, I only have enough time to shower, have dinner, read a bit and fall asleep for the next day’s cycle. On weekends, I look forward to relaxing big time, doing more reading, watching movies, going out and staying out. But no, that’s not happening now. My weekends are slowly being usurped by work. At least I don’t have to drive to office on weekends, though. But on weekends, the day time are normally spent doing the laundry, cleaning the house, doing grocery shopping and discovering new recipes for lunch and dinner. At nights, I watch some TV, play some computer games (I used to do this but I just don’t have the time anymore), play some games on my phone, and read before I sleep.

Sadly, these few weeks have been hard on me. Work keeps piling up. Most of them are backlogged due to several crises that we had to manage at the office. It’s not easy working on weekends because you get days that look so great and all you want to do is be out. I was supposed to attend a wedding in Malacca today at 12 noon but I couldn’t make it because my husband has to work the weekend and so do I. I’d also want to make time to do swim. I haven’t swam in awhile and I’m starting to feel a bit fluffy, as my husband likes to say. I’ve got reports to compile, presentation slides to prepare, websites to research… Doesn’t sound like much but for each task, there’re a lot of steps to take.

But I promised my boss I’ll get back to her on Monday. I specifically asked for the weekend to put everything together and report back to her on Monday. It won’t be nice if I went back on my promise and asked for another extension. I’ll just have to plow through and get one thing done, one at a time. Hopefully I’ll get some reprieve tonight and relax with some of my favourite hobbies.

Oh well, here goes nothing! My motto for today: “Employee hard at work. Please send some coffee. And some food. And a housekeeper. And a cat minder.”

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